Is Your Cat a Lap Cat?

Last Updated on March 9, 2020 by Jenny

Ragdoll Cat Charlie on Belly Lap Lap Cat We’ve had quite the discussions on our Facebook page about whether or not your cat is a lap cat.

Of course, most of the readers on this site have Ragdoll cats – and unfortunately, it has been my experience that people getting a Ragdoll think that they are going to be a lap cat and when the cat is not a lap cat, they are disappointed.

It has been my experience that Ragdolls in general are NOT lap cats.  However, in the past year, my Charlie has started to jump into my lap for a quick knead and snuggle – but he doesn’t stay longer than 30-45 minutes.

I love that Charlie wants to knead and snuggle for a bit – but in general, I am pleased my cats are NOT lap cats.  I grew up with Rags, a Ragdoll, who was not a lap cat, so that’s what I am used to.

Is your cat a lap cat?  Do you care if s/he is a lap cat or not?

Ragdoll Cat Charlie on Belly Lap Lap Cat

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13 thoughts on “Is Your Cat a Lap Cat?

  1. Markie Maraugha says:

    I adopted my Ragdoll (now 6) with a complete understanding that she was NOT a lap cat. I have to admit, I thought more Ragdolls had this trait. I always thought I wanted a lap cat, until I adopted my Ragdoll.

    She is very independent but she spends the majority of the time following me around. In the summer, when she gets a lion cut, she tends to jump up on my lap once a day and knead me and take a little snooze. I think if I kept her in a lion cut year round, she would be more of a lap cat. I think her full coat makes her way too hot to sit on me, even in the winter. Or maybe it’s her age!

    I think the pro to having her not be a total lap cat is that I really appreciate our snuggle time when it happens. I also am really flattered when she follows me around. It’s definitely her choice to be near me. I know that because she can be awfully independent!

    Before adopting her, I was slightly anxious about her not being a lap cat. But the bottom line is that when I brought her home, it was love at first sight and that was it. My anxieties were gone. So when you’re ready for your new best friend, I think you’re most likely coming from a place of love and acceptance and are going to be okay with all of your furry friend’s quirks. I was surprised at just how fast her lack of lap cat-ness didn’t bother me once I looked into those big blue eyes giving me blinkies from accross the room!

  2. Gaye Johnson says:

    Neither of my Ragdolls is a lap cat, and nor were my two rescue kitties, except for the odd occasion. They will be near me pretty much all the time, sleep on my bed and let me pick them up for cuddles. Sapphire will often come and knead on me, both on my lap when I am sitting down and lying on her side in bed with me in the wee hours. Coco will sit right next to me on the couch for a short time, and will on a cold morning get under the covers with me for power snuggles! I appreciate any affection they give and absolutely lap it up. If they were to get on my lap, I would most likely sit there until they got off, even if I were bursting to pee! Lol. That is what I did when Punky or Princess would get on me. It was such a rare treat that I made the most of it.

  3. Teresa Reid says:

    Mine aren’t lap cats at all, but like what Jenny is saying, am finding that the older they become (Illaria is only just 2 on July 24th and Grace will be 3 on November 24th), the more cuddlier they have become. Illaria comes by and sits beside me while I’m on the computer and reaches out to put her paw on my arm. She follows me from room to room, sleeping within arms length of her so I can always rub her and she begins to purr loudly. Grace follows me from room to room also, but keeps her distance until I go to bed, then she sleeps at my head so close I have fur in my eyes sometimes. Just knowing she is there in that special space makes me feel so happy. Think as time goes on and they mature more, it will also make them more amenable to being closer and closer physically. Already Grace is into my emotions and she feels what I feel and reacts so much to them that when I’m sad, I have to cry somewhere else or she will become ill herself. Every time we go to the vet, she asks me if I have been sick to see what’s going on with Grace.

  4. lrunning says:

    I really wanted a lap cat when I got Emily, so had asked her first owner about it and he confirmed she was. That was an understatement- she wants be in someone’s lap all the time. Mine, my boyfriend’s, friend’s, anyone! The extreme is, of course, the on the toilet lap sitting! She likes to lay on your leg with her front legs dangling on either side. I am not very productive at times because I’ve sat down for a few minutes and Emily has settled in and I don’t have the heart to get up!

    • Jenny says:

      ha ha ha – love it! but this is also a GREAT point! i have told people that if they want specific traits in a cat, to get one that is a rescue or has been fostered, so that the foster can tell you the affection level! i feel if someone gets a ragdoll kitten because they read that they are lap cats and then they get one that is not, it sets the cat up for failure…just isn’t necessary.

      • lrunning says:

        It really is a plus about a rescue who has been in someone’s care- I was able to ask about her likes & dislikes, quirks, favorite products, etc. He did not mention the toilet lap thing, though! Of course, he only sat down half as much as I do!

  5. Mitsys Mom says:

    Nope! Not at all! LOL That may have something to do with the fact that she is just 1 year old. She is very interested in playing and the occasional pat. That’s it.

  6. Patricia McDermott says:

    i have three cats and they can all be lap cats when they feel like it. i think cats are just like people in that respect. some of us like cuddling all the time, some once in a while, and some not at all. i don’t think breed has anything to do with it. it has to do with that particular cat. later in the evening is when my cats might be lap cats. they are more “lappy” when i’m in bed. that’s when they really want to snuggle and “fluff” me up and purr like little engines. and for my orage tabby all i have to do is open one of jenny’s videos on my phone and he hears her talking and comes running and snuggles right next to me and the phone.. it’s so cute and funny. i think people that NEED to have a lap cat and can’t deal with anything else..NEED to go get some therapy to deal with their NEED! personally i find guys fit more into this category than women and why guys tend to like dogs better. you have to respect your cats individual spirit and boundaries.. i found when you do that, you get more back.. with people and with your cats.

    • Jenny says:

      ha ha ha – i WOULD not be a lap cat if i were a cat. i am not much of a snuggler….too independent.

      “and for my orage tabby all i have to do is open one of jenny’s videos on my phone and he hears her talking and comes running and snuggles right next to me and the phone.. it’s so cute and funny” – FANTASTIC and hilarious.

      “you have to respect your cats individual spirit and boundaries” – yes, respect it and learn from it! i believe we are given their souls to live with to learn from – so i don’t necessarily want a lap cat, but it’s a need/knead that charlie has, so i allow it to see what i can learn too.

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