10 Honest Opinions: Is It Normal to Hate Your Cat Sometimes?

Cat lovers claim to live, die, and kill for their feline friends, all in the same breath.  However, living with a pet for 24 hours a day, all days of the week exposes you to some of their annoying behaviors where you may not be feeling the most loving towards them.

Regardless of how adorable your furry buddy may be, here are 10 stories from agitated owners who are the masters of balancing love-hate relationships.

1. Litter Box Woes

A Litter Robot with litter boxes.
Photo credit: Floppycats.

Cats and dogs are two opposites in all things until it comes to pooping. One person admitted sounding like a dog owner when they mentioned how their cat was pooping out of the litterbox without good reason. Understandably, it can be a little upsetting to become a poop collector all day, all time. 

2. The Sushi Mishap

We all have those days when not even a single thing seems to be going right, and to top it all off, your cat’s unwarranted behavior can be the last straw. Someone recalled the time when their day was filled with consecutively awful things, from the morning traffic to the boss’s yelling.

Ultimately, they only wanted to sit and have some sushi to forget the horrendous happenings. Alas, the cat knocked the takeaway box down, causing all the sushi to get covered in cat fur. The sushi was beyond repair, and so was their spirit. 

3. Zoomies or Zzzz’s

Cat jumping in the air to get something.
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Zoomies are a lovely sight till they happen during your already short-lived sleep before work the next morning. Someone mentioned their regret after shouting “oi” after their cat’s fifth pounce on their head.

4. Claw and Order

Kitten on a hotel couch playing
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Bitey behavior is not new for cat owners, but it’s hard not to dislike your cat for a second when that happens. Someone had their foot bit by their stubborn cat who’d keep making its way back to their bed. 

5. Cord Catastrophes

A cat laying on the floor ready to jump.
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Cords and cats are not friends, as many folks pointed out. One person complained how covering the cords would be of no use. At times like this, you have to sit down and negotiate with your cat, as the user further mentioned. Maybe have a little stare-off before telling your feline friend to make better life choices?

6. Spilled Tea, Anyone?

Boston Fern Plants
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Now, if you’re anything like this person who mentioned having a soft spot for cats due to their childhood fondness, you might be incredibly tolerant of most shenanigans. You’ll be unfazed by the mess, appreciative of the attention-seeking behavior, and enthusiastic about the zoomies. However, knocking overfilled glasses is where many would draw the line.

Additionally, one annoyed individual told us about the dropping feeling in their chest as they saw their cat knock over the plants. It’s safe to say that the love isn’t so strong when that happens. 

7. Meowing Morning Alarms

Cat being petted by a women in bed.
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Ginger cats are notorious for being absolutely bonkers. A user commented about their silly orange scratching the bed and meowing till the owners woke up. At that moment, I suppose it’s okay to hate your cat as much as you hate your morning alarms.

8. Furry, Fussy Eaters

Cat drinking out of a water bowl.
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Cats can be picky eaters, ones that are particularly spoiled. Several folks complained about their cats only wanting wet food and hating portion sizes since they restrict them from having an all-you-can-eat buffet. 

9. Water Warriors

cat sitting next to a water dish not drinking
Photo credit: Floppycats.

Next, we’re talking about picky drinkers who won’t accept water if it’s not in a human’s mug or glass. You could get them the cutest kitty bowl, only to see their paw reach for that morning tea you’ve freshly made. As expected, many folks protested against such behavior. 

10. Affection at Gunpoint

Photo credit: Deposit Photos.

Cuddles are great and all till you have to go the bathroom. One person told us how demanding their cat is regarding cuddles. When the cat says it’s cuddle time, you best believe it, or you’ll be clawed till you agree. Sounds like a hostage situation, but Stockholm syndrome blinds all cat lovers. 

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