iPad Cat Toy – Is It Good For A Cat Toy Or Not?

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We all know that there are lots of cat toy products out in almost every market place in the world. Varying from colors, style, type, functions and prices. But wait a minute! This one is new!

An iPad for your feline? What do you think – is it good for a cat toy or not?

This iPad Cat Toy runs a programme that is perfectly designed for a cat to enjoy himself as he tries to catch this mouse or ball that is moving randomly and fast all over the iPad screen. Yes, the cat is trying to catch the mouse with his/her claws directly at your iPad’s screen if you notice it.

Here are some of the videos that caught Michael’s attention, notice that the cats on the videos don’t possess claws, watch and observe…


In Michael’s opinion, he’d actually love the iPad cat toy for the kitty if the owner of the device allowed his cat to play with it using his claws rather than declawing his own pet just to provide short enjoyment and entertainment. What do you think?

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