Introducing Your Child to Cats Through Best Selling Children’s Books

Post Published on March 21, 2013 | Last Updated on March 21, 2013 by Jenny

Pete the Cat: Pete's Big Lunch (My First I Can Read)It's important that kids become comfortable around pets at a young age. Allowing your child to grow up alongside a cat or dog can help teach them responsibility and provide them with a lifelong friend. To get your child interested in these little critters, try giving them some cute books on the topic.

The most popular cats books targeted toward kids right now seems to be "Pete the Cat." There are "Pete the Cat" books for every age range and the antics of this cat will have your child giggling nonstop. Cats are already curious enough as it is, so allowing your child to have a glimpse into their endearing behavior will be beneficial. These specific books also teach important lessons to children and talk to them about the care of cats. Your child will soon find out that he or she is more likely to see a cat climbing trees, than one swimming around in a pond. One of the books in the "Pete the Cat" series addresses this fear of cats, which many children may not even have known about.

Warriors: Dawn of the Clans #1: The Sun Trail For older children, there are books like the "Warriors" series by Erin Hunter. These books deal more with cats in all their fierceness what life is like for them when on the hunt. These books might explain to your son or daughter why so many cat toys out there feature furry stuffed mice or feathers to attract the attention of the cat and satisfy that hunting instinct. These books give children a glimpse into the nature of cats, helping them to understand the reasons for some of their behavior. In addition, these are the best children's cat books and they certainly are entertaining!


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