Introducing The Oscillot® System: A Cat Containment Solution

As we all know, cats are agile – and curious – animals. And because of their excellent climbing ability, they’re considered to be difficult animals to contain in outdoor spaces. But some cat owners don’t want to deprive their cat of the chance to see native wildlife up close in the outdoors, even if it is just their own backyard.

a calico cat trying to get out of a fenced in yard, showing the oscillot cat containment system fence rollers to keep cat in your yard

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There are a number of products available to help keep your cat from escaping your yard, one of which is the Oscillot system. This aims to not only be effective at containing your cat safely but also easy to install as a DIY option without it becoming a huge project.


Keeping Your Cats Safe

While some cats are outdoor cats that are capable of looking after themselves in a relatively safe neighborhood, there are also breeds that are timider, as well as plenty of cat owners who live somewhere that it isn’t safe to allow a cat to roam – either there are busy roads close by, or aggressive animals that could attack a kitty, whether that’s dog attacks or even coyotes.

oscillot cat containment system and tree collars

Plus, when a cat that is used to the confinement of a home starts exploring, they can be naïve, putting them at great risk of injury, or if they’re curious they may catch illnesses from local flora that they shouldn’t go near.

And while many of these cats will thrive in a fully indoor setting, providing they have the space to exercise fully and ideally to perch and watch the outdoor world, it’s good to be able to allow your feline family member to experience the outdoors in a safe space.

oscillot cat containment system brick stone masonary installation

There are various options but if you want to give your kitty the opportunity to explore your entire yard, you’ll need to make sure there’s no way they can escape over the top of your walls or fences.

Oscillot Cat Containment System

The Oscillot® System has been developed to safely help prevent your cat from scaling over your existing fence. It has no wires and no electric current, and is therefore completely safe and will not harm your cat.

It is unobtrusive and turns most fences into a cat-proof fence easily and cost-effectively. It also perfectly blends in with the design of your yard!  You can see it in action in the video below, and then more detailed photos of the actual product installed are below that.

Adding the Oscillot revolutionary cat-proof fence system to your backyard fence is simple, with the weather resistant aluminum rollers ensuring that your cat can’t escape.

oscillot cat fence rollers containment

Setting Up and Installing

Oscillot® is a simple but effective and durable system made for DIY (“Do It Yourself”) installation. It provides an extensive installation guide and video with step-by-step instructions.

The Oscillot® System A Cat Containment Solution

There are not many components to worry about, making for an easy DIY installation. You’ll get a series of bladed rollers, and some post kits to fix them to at regular intervals. It’s arguably the most straight-forward cat fence solution that doesn’t spoil the look of your backyard.

You install each section of roller into the included post kits, which you screw into your fence or wall. There’s also the option to add brackets to your purchase. Brackets help to raise the Oscillot slightly, and angle it inwards.

oscillot cat containment system facemount no brackets

This is useful when your fence is either made from wood or vinyl, which your cat could sink their claws into, or when there are horizontal beams on the fence that your cat could use as a step.

The Oscillot is only effective from a six-foot clearance. If your cat is able to gain purchase on the fence as they climb, then they could jump over the Oscillot rollers. Using the brackets can make this impossible.

oscillot cat containment system fence rollers in netherlands

As part of the setup process, you’ll also need to make sure that any potential ‘ladders’ near your fence are removed – that’s anything your cat could use as a point to jump from where they could clear the Oscillot.

oscillot cat containment system fence rollers netherlands

So, if you have garbage cans, benches, a tree stump, or even sturdy shrubs and bushes near the fence or wall, you’ll have to consider removing them otherwise the Oscillot may not be sufficient, as your cat could still leap over it.

oscillot cat fence rollers

Cat Fence Rollers

Oscillot® consists of a series of four-bladed aluminum paddles, which are mounted along fence lines between end posts containing bearings. When a cat tries to jump and scale the fence, they place a paw on the paddle, which then spins. The cat cannot get traction and falls safely back to the ground.

The Oscillot® System A Cat Containment Solution 2

They’re only suitable for cats. You shouldn’t use the Oscillot for animals such as dogs that could maybe clear a smaller fence – their weight will bend the paddles and render it ineffective.

oscillot cat containment system maine coon

Oscillot Cat Fence Price

The price of the Oscillot Cat Fence depends on how long your fence is. You can buy it in four-foot increments up to 20 feet, and then select longer lengths up to 300 feet.

oscillot cat containment system france installation

The color also impacts the price, with white costing more than slate grey or merino. While there are different choices for different fence types too, including masonry, aluminum, and timber, this don’t influence the cost.


  • Simple to follow instructions to get everything set up yourself
  • Can work with different types of fence or wall
  • Low-key – doesn’t spoil the look of the top of your existing fence


  • Some cat owners say that cats still clear it and escape
  • Can be expensive if you have a large yard to install it on
oscillot cat containment system wood fence

Oscillot Cat Fence Review

The Oscillot Cat Fence is designed to be a cost-effective way of cat-proofing your yard, without looking unsightly like nets and cages can.

And while it is not a completely revolutionary cat containment system, a lot of cat owners have reviewed it to say that it works really well. Some others have said that it is ineffective though and that their cat still finds a way to escape.

oscillot cat containment system fence rollers

The majority of reviews are positive though, and the company is responding to negative reviews looking to offer advice, so overall it seems to be a product you can rely on.

Where to Purchase

The Oscillot system is available to buy from the Oscillot America website. The product was originally available as a Kickstarter when it was first imported from Australia, but is now sold through a regular online store.

oscillot cat containment system on plastic white fence

Buying the Oscillot in Canada

The Oscillot America website covers North America, including the US and Canada. So Canadian customers can shop there.

Buying the Oscillot in Australia

The Oscillot system was first developed in Australia, and is still available to buy there through the Oscillot Australia website.

oscillot cat fence rollers aluminum frame

Buying the Oscillot in the UK and Europe

Floppycatters based in the UK and Europe don’t have to miss out – there’s a dedicated site for Oscillot Europe as well. So you can keep your cat safe in your neighbourhood by containing them in your garden. It’s worth noting that the Oscillot is sold in metres rather than feet for this market, which is great if you’ve measured the top of your fence already using the metric system.

spinning cat proof fence uk

Buying the Oscillot in South Africa

Unfortunately, there’s not currently the option to buy the Oscillot in South Africa, but as soon as that changes I’ll update this post. The company is always looking for new global distributors so it may only be a matter of time.

oscillot cat containment system with wood fence and rollers

Buying the Oscillot on Amazon

At the moment, the Oscillot is only available to buy from the company’s own websites. If you’re shopping on Amazon you might see some similar products that you can buy, but the Oscillot is a patented system and so alternative products may not be as effective at keeping free-roaming cats from escaping your own yard.

oscillot cat containment system wood fence with rollers and cat


Can Ragdoll cats jump fences?

How High Can Cats Jump2

Ragdoll cats aren’t normally known for their high jumping abilities but they definitely could jump a fence with a bit of effort, especially if there were beams or areas they could dig into as sort of stepping stones on the way up.

You shouldn’t allow your Ragdoll into a yard unsupervised and assume that they’ll be safe. Not only could they escape, but they may also be bothered by other hazards that come into your garden too. Cats should always be supervised, and fences cat-proofed.

Read more: Can Ragdoll cats go outside?

Do cat fences really work?

oscillot cat fence rollers close up beige

Cat fences, depending on the design, do work. The problem is that many of the most effective ones are very visible, and some would consider that it would spoil the look of the backyard. Also if the home you live in is not your own property, you may not have permission for a big installation. But generally, cat fences are a good idea if you want your indoor cat to enjoy some safe outdoor time.

Does the Oscillot cat fence work?

oscillot cat fence review

Most people who buy the Oscillot cat fence are looking for the most unobtrusive cat containment solution that is effective at keeping cats safe, and the majority of reviews are positive – so yes, it does seem that the Oscillot fence does work and does tick the box as being effective without being an eyesore.

How do you fence in a yard for a cat?

oscillot cat fence rollers close up

There are a number of ways you can fence in a yard for your pet cats, but some people are put off by those that spoil the aesthetics of their yard. Some, like the Oscillot, offer easy installation but could leave small gaps if your fence is awkward, while others will involve adding netting to the length of the fence line, which can be a bit trickier but may be the safest choice in the long run.

Another alternative is a catio – rather than allowing the cat free rein of your yard, you can let them enjoy the outdoors without leaving a safe enclosure. For people who don’t own their own home, a temporary catio could be your only option without damaging the home.


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  1. omg i would love to have that! at first i thought “oh my orange man could get over that” but that was before i saw it spin ! that is so cool . my cats all came from outside so i can’t keep them in, it would be a nightmare (i tried). one will stay in the yard but the other 2 will leave. this would keep them in!

  2. Super pawesome post, Jenny! What a very innovative and amazing product! WOW! Brilliant design! I wish Kateryna and Anton tons of good luck in getting this product distributed to North America! I bet kitty owners with fenced in yards will absolutely go crazy for this product!!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  3. There is only one squirrel where I live, no raccoons or other vermin, even though I live in a rural area. My yard is fenced and Diva, my Ragdoll, has shown me all the points where she can get out.

    When Diva goes out, if I tell her to stay on the deck, she does. If I just let her out, she goes into the yard looking for bugs. If I call her to come in, she comes running.

  4. 1gothickitten says:

    This looks like it would be great to keep intruders out like Raccoons, Possums, stray cats, etc. as well as keeping our cats inside the yard.

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