Introducing The Oscillot® System: A Cat Containment Solution

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As we all know, cats are agile – and curious! -animals. Because of their excellent climbing ability, cats are considered difficult animals to contain in outdoor spaces.

The Oscillot® System has been developed to safely help prevent your cat from scaling over your existing fence. It has no wires and no electric current, and is therefore completely safe and will not harm your cat. It is unobtrusive and turns most fences into a cat-proof fence easily and cost-effectively. It also perfectly blends in with the design of your yard!  You can see it in action in the video above and then more detailed photos of the actual product installed are below.


Oscillot Cat System

Cat jumping outside

Oscillot® consists of a series of four-bladed aluminum paddles, which are mounted along fence lines between end posts containing bearings. When a cat tries to jump and scale the fence, they place a paw on the paddle, which then spins. The cat cannot get traction and falls safely back to the ground.

The Oscillot® System A Cat Containment Solution

Oscillot® is a simple but effective system made for DIY (“Do It Yourself”) installation. It provides an extensive installation guide and video with step-by-step instructions.

Oscillot® is owned by the Australian company Cat Containment Solutions PTY and is 100% Australian made. Now, for the first time ever, Oscillot® is finally being introduced to the U.S. and Canada. Oscillot North America, a Canadian-based company, is excited to announce that they have just become an official exclusive distributor of Oscillot® in U.S. and Canada.

The Oscillot® System A Cat Containment Solution 2
Oscillot North America was started by Kateryna and Anton Kabanov, who have 2 beautiful kitties – Mimi and Luna. After several escape attempts and desperate searches for a possible solution, they came across Oscillot®. They instantly got in touch with Cat Containment Solutions PTY and worked hard to bring this game-changing containment system to their continent. They have tested the system and made some changes to adapt Oscillot® to North American standard fences. Now they are ready to officially introduce Oscillot® to North America!

At the moment, Oscillot North America is running a Kickstarter campaign, which will be active until December 9, 2017. You can pre-order your Oscillot® there at a special Kickstarter price.  After the the campaign, Oscillot® will be available on their website at a regular retail price.

(Updated 2020): You can now order in North America at



Cat jumping outside with text \"Cat Containment Fence - to keep your kitty safely in your yard\"

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6 thoughts on “Introducing The Oscillot® System: A Cat Containment Solution

  1. plmcat says:

    omg i would love to have that! at first i thought “oh my orange man could get over that” but that was before i saw it spin ! that is so cool . my cats all came from outside so i can’t keep them in, it would be a nightmare (i tried). one will stay in the yard but the other 2 will leave. this would keep them in!

  2. Patti Johnson says:

    Super pawesome post, Jenny! What a very innovative and amazing product! WOW! Brilliant design! I wish Kateryna and Anton tons of good luck in getting this product distributed to North America! I bet kitty owners with fenced in yards will absolutely go crazy for this product!!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  3. Gale says:

    There is only one squirrel where I live, no raccoons or other vermin, even though I live in a rural area. My yard is fenced and Diva, my Ragdoll, has shown me all the points where she can get out.

    When Diva goes out, if I tell her to stay on the deck, she does. If I just let her out, she goes into the yard looking for bugs. If I call her to come in, she comes running.

  4. 1gothickitten says:

    This looks like it would be great to keep intruders out like Raccoons, Possums, stray cats, etc. as well as keeping our cats inside the yard.

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