Introducing the Animal ID Platform

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Today, it is much easier to take care of pets’ welfare, safety, emotional state, and health with mobile apps and devices. An example of a helpful app for pet owners is the Animal ID platform. Animal ID combines a set of handy tools that allows pet owners and animal shelters to identify lost pets, keep track of important health procedures, and improve their well-being.

Check out the video that explains how it works:

The mission of Animal ID is to lift the quality of co-existence of people and animals to a newer, higher level. To achieve this, Animal ID utilizes a set of functional modules:

  • International animal database that keeps all pet data securely and integrated with third-party systems.
  • Ultimate animal accounting system for zoo clubs. The system stores pedigree, pet profiles, and registry of breeding.
  • Veterinary service with an online profile that keeps all the information in one place and handy marketing tools like emails and a booking appointment schedule. These tools help veterinary clinics and independent veterinary services to handle daily tasks easily.
  • A registration system for animal shelters and sanctuaries that keeps account of trapped animals, animal adoption process, shelter information, data integration with EuroPetNet, and more.
  • Municipal registry service.
  • Stray animals’ city monitoring app available in 10 countries.
  • Customized QR code pet ID tags that help finders contact pet owners and return a pet. Since 80% of lost pets are never returned to their owners, QR tags increase the chance of reunion.

Animal ID Platform

About Animal ID

Animal ID was founded in 2011 as a non-profit organization. Since 2011, Animal ID has been a member of EuroPetNet, the European Association of Animal Database.
Animal ID’s goal is to gather the data about all pets globally. Today, it’s an international platform that unites people and their pets in 15 countries.

The platform allows pet owners to create their personal and pet’s profile. To identify a pet, a system assigns a QA passport. Animal ID is integrated with international animal databases, veterinary clinics, animal shelters, municipal registries, and other institutions to exchange the data and identify pets.

Animal ID has been taking part in numerous industry-related events like Happy Farm, 1991 Incubation Program, DogTrust, and Four Paws.

Animal ID invests into social initiatives aimed at accounting stray animals globally, automation of shelter workflows, and allowing pet owners to find their pets with QR tags. The stray animals accounting solution helped scientists from Leeds, England and Curitiba, Brazil to gather valuable insights and research the issue of stray animals.

The company also donates $5 of each sold tag to animal shelters.

On August 12th, Animal ID launched the application for iOS and Android platforms.


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