Introducing Mimi’s Daughters: Unique Handmade Australian Cat Caves, Cat Toys and More

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Mimi’s Daughters: Handmade Australian Cat Caves, Cat Toys and More

There is a huge part of me that will always love the entreprenuer who is handcrafting beautiful products for cats.  Mimi’s Daugthers is one of those.  Based in Australia, Mimi’s Daughters makes felted cat caves, cat mats, felted cat toys and more!  I have included a selection below of some of their cat items.  They do have an awesome dog bed that I think many cats would go nuts over – including my Trigg.  But for now, we will focus on the products they have chosen to be cat-focused.  Each felt cave is carefully hand made individually, therefore no two are identical.  Too fun!

Introducing Mimis Daughters Unique Handmade Australian Cat Caves - Cat Dog Toys Felted Cat Caves

  1. Chocolate Cat Condo Cat cave $87.34
  2. Green felt cat mat $49.23
  3. Dark Green Cat Cave $104.81
  4. Jingle Bell Balls $7.54
  5. Grey Polka-dot cat cave $104.81
  6. Felt Handmade/Cat Mouse Toy /Hand Felted/ Unique Kitten Pet Mice Toy $11.91
  7. Green Cat Condo $134.98
  8. Cat Toy Box $25.41

Also, like any awesome small business that makes their own items – they have a fun “Kitten Starter Pack” where you get a bundle of their fun cat products in one!  What a great gift that would make for a new kitten owner.  I have included a photo of their starter pack below as well.

Kitten Starter Pack

Mimi’s Daughters offers this awesome Kitten Starter Park – where you can get a selection of their products in a bundle.  I have chosen to showcase the “Green Kitten Starter Pack”, but they also have them in purple and red.

Mimis Daughters Unique Handmade Australian Kitten Starter Pack

Kitten Starter Pack $107.19 – Choose from Purple, Green, Red

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Do you have any products from Mimi’s Daughters?  Are you considering any from this post?  Why or why not?

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  1. WOW! Pawesome post, Jenny! I absolutely adore small businesses like this! And they are on Etsy, too! Etsy! YAY! All of the products pictured look truly amazing, well made and gorgeous! Lurve those mice (like Sweet Teresa, am adding those to my Etsy Wish List)! Lurve the balls, too! And what an awesome kitten starter pack! Brilliant! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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