Introducing Chester to my 5 year old moggy ollie

Floppy catsWell over the years i have had many cats all of which have been moggies, i have introduced them all at different ages and i have never had a tactic as such. Ollie is my current 5 year old moggy who is quite the tom cat he just likes to come in get fed, sleep on the bed for most of the day and then go outside and thats him untill morning.

Before we got Chester my first ever ragdoll i had another moggy Buddy who id had for 10 year he was completely different to Ollie and had the nature of a ragdoll. Him and Ollie were the best of friends, so when Buddy sadly died i felt Ollie was completely lost without him and missed the company. To be honest i never really thought i would get another cat but 1 week after i lost Buddy i went with my Auntie to go see her new Ragdoll kittens and of course fell in love with the tiny bundle that would soon become the latest adition to my household Chester. I knew nothing about ragdolls up untill the day i collected Chester, but having had cats before and always just put them in a room together and hoped for the best which has never been a problem id just planned to do the same again.

I collected Chester at night time so i was hoping Ollie would be outside and would introduce them in the morning. However at the time we had very heavy snow so Ollie was in the house when i returned with Chester. Within 10 minutes of being in the house they met each other, i just let Ollie go over to the kitten and he was fine there was no hissing he just sniffed him for a while then walked away.

Chester was quiet for the first few days and was absolutely tiny compared to my huge moggy but soon thought it would be fun to chase Ollie everytime he came in the same room.

Chester is now nearly 7 month old and although they are not quite best of friends they are getting better all the time. Chester is far to playful for Ollie at the moment and Ollie cant be bothered with him. I caught them both lying calmly together the other day which was quite nice am sure over time they will get better.

Kitty’s Name: Chester & Ollie
Name: Joanna Ross
Where: East Lothian, Scotland UK

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