Interview with Yasmine Surovec of Cat vs. Human

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Yasmine Surovec runs a blog called Cat vs. Human.  It features comic strips that many cat people can relate to – and find humorous!  I love her comics, so I wanted to learn more about her – enjoy.  Thanks to Yasmine for the interview and her wonderful talent. 1. How did Cat vs. Human come about? Or Why did you decide to start it? Cat Versus Human started as a bunch of doodles I posted on Facebook. The comics I posted were “Places Cats Sleep In, But Shouldn’t” and “Cats During Emergencies”, and those almost immediately went viral and were reposted in blogs and websites. Soon after, I started the Cat Versus Human blog, which eventually became a book published by Andrews McMeel.

2. How do you come up with your cartoon topics? I assume from your everyday interactions with your kitties – only because I can so relate! I’ve had cats most of my life. I think they are such characters–each with a very unique personality. So a lot of the scenarios illustrated in my comics are definitely from my everyday experiences with cats (and cat people). And I absolutely love it when people email me to share their experiences because more often than not, we share similar stories! One good example is my comic that illustrates how a cat would shun an expensive toy and prefer the box it came in. I mean, ALL cats love cardboard boxes and will more often than not, pick it over most fancy toys! 3. What is your goal with Cat vs. Human? Just to have a blog with funny comics, to ultimately publish a book with your comics in it? I’d love to continue to have my blog alongside my book. It’s something I really enjoy doing and I’ll definitely continue creating as long as I can. I love that we have this community of “Cat People” who are so supportive and obviously love and adore our feline friends…My main goal is to entertain and share my appreciation for cats through my comics. 4. How did you get interested in cats? How old were you when you had your first kitty? I come from a family of pet friendly people. I grew up with lots of cats that used to be strays. My aunts and parents would bring home strays roaming around the streets. Every once in a while, they’d bring home chicks and chickens as pets as well. I seriously barely remember a time when I did not have any pets. 5. Do your readers ever give you ideas for comics? The funny thing is, we almost always share the same experiences. But I definitely do get a lot of emails mostly saying, “My cat does that too!” 6. What comic has been your most popular? How My Cats See Me, True Love and Cats During Emergencies have been the most featured comics. 7. Which comic has created the most controversy (if any)? I haven’t really had any controversial comics…or at I can’t think of any at the moment. 8. Which comic is your favorite? I like the True Love and Cat Lady’s Soul Mate ones. I’m a sap.

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