Interview with Stacy Morgan of STAFRA RAGDOLLS

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On September 24, 2008 had an Interview with Stacy Morgan of STAFRA RAGDOLLS. Stacy Morgan is the owner and operator of STAFRA RAGDOLLS in South Carolina. Her phone is 864-296-0522. Her website is STAFRA RAGDOLLS is a member of TICA and is a Small In-Home Cattery.

How long have you been breeding Ragdolls?
I have not bred any as of yet.

How did you pick Ragdolls to breed?
I had thought they were gorgeous before. My friend sent me photos until I gave in. Well, Actually, it had to make my husband give in.

Do you show? Why or why not?
We plan to start showing in TICA this fall and winter.

What congenital defects are in Ragdolls?

How are you breeding to avoid those defects?
We will continue to do DNA and Blood work genetic screening and whatever is needed as we go.

How large is your breeding operation?
2 kittens at this time. I plan to always keep it small.

Where do your cats spend most of their time?
Everywhere I am in the home.. where ever they want to. They follow me everywhere.

Do you breed full time? In other words, do you have another job?
No. I don’t ever plan to either. I am a owner of my own Professional Dog Grooming Salon.

What sort of health guarantees do you offer?
I am still researching what I will need to do. I will cover whatever I can test for and continue to keep educated in the breed.

What happens if the kitten gets sick?
Immediate call to my vet and pursue what he suggests.

Do you have any fun adoption stories to share?
With my first Ragdoll, I had waited for what seemed forever for him to be born and then for him to be over 12 weeks old. Finally when he was old enough, the weather in March 08 was a bit of a burden on flight plans. When a flight was finally available, I was working and working late. My breeder called and said.. “He’s on his way!” I don’t think I have ever groomed
and cleaned so fast before to meet him and his “Nanny’ that flew with him to deliver him into my arms. Needless to say, I did not sleep at all that night.. I just stared at him all night.

I had started planning a ‘overnight’ fly there and fly back and discussing best dates with our breeder. Just as I was going to push the button to order my ticket, my husband, who was taking a nap at that time, decided to take a one and a half weeks vacation off work, drive to Maryland , spend four awesome days and pick up our baby together.

Not only did we have a great time, we toured Washington DC with her, spend endless hours gabbing and soaking up as much “Ragdoll Love” as we could, she took us to our first cat show to learn as she showed! My husband who really is not into too much of my ‘showing and grooming’ changed overnight! He also took me out shopping for a quilt so the kitten could have a ‘snuggle blankie’ and more, then at 11:30 at night he wanted to go out to shop for more toys for “Sweetness” .. we took her in with us in a sherpa bag to shop– he felt she may cry if we left her. LOL Frank and I enjoyed it so much, he is planning a trip back with the kids to visit and see DC again.

What makes this kitten or cat “pet quality” or “show quality”?
TICA clearly defines this in the breed standard. My mentor and breeder educates me often as well.

Do you keep some of your cats for your own?
I plan to.

What is your favorite Ragdoll look?
Any which way they look is gorgeous. My favorites.. Marco Polo sleeping in my arms, on my pillow and purring away.

How old is your oldest cat?
Spayed Domestic short hair is 11yrs old. Ragdoll – 6mos.

Do you raise your cats underfoot?
Of course!

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