Interview With Pet Talker Suzi Dalling

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Suzi Dalling
Suzi Dalling asked Suzi Dalling, a pet talker, to answer some questions we had about animal communication as well as questions about her services. Thank you, Suzi for the interview.

Suzi Dalling is located in Bakersfield, California can be reached through her website:

Answers are Copyright of Suzi Dalling.

1.     How long have you been communicating with animals?

I talked with animals from the time I was very young.  An article about Neville Row communicating with dolphins led me to become certified professionally in 1995.

 2. How does one communicate with animals?

Opening up the channel inner mind to inner mind (telepathy) by first quieting the conscious chatter allowing you to connect to the One mind/Source.  We each have a unique frequency like our fingerprints.  As a verification I am talking with the right animal, I tune into the animal by asking to connect with (animal’s name) that lives with my client at my client’s address.

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3.  Can you share with us, one of your favorite animal communication stories? How it impacted the owner or the animal or both?

I don’t share stories about my clients or their animals without their written permission, however I do post a small representation of testimonials on my website and they depict how the animal and person were impacted. 

 4. Do you prefer to communicate with younger or older animals? 

I have no preference, each communication is a unique experience.  I believe most of us are very old souls and the age of the physical body has nothing to do with the soul. 

 5. Do you prefer to communicate with a certain type of animal? I mean, do you do better with cats, dogs, horses? Do you even talk to reptiles? 

I love all animals within the animal kingdom.  Whether I am talking with a horse, snake, gerbil, whale, dolphin, ant, cat or dog, it is the same.  Each has a personality and they do express it, however they are sentient beings without the ego mind and communicating with them is very easy.   

 6. How do your services work? Do you come to my home? Do I bring my pet to you? Do you communicate LIVE?

My clientele is worldwide, the majority is by referral and usually communicated via email.  I do not make house or barn calls and my clients do not need to bring their animals to me.  All communication is done telepathically from my sacred office space to wherever the animal is, including if they are in spirit form.  Yes I can and do communicate LIVE if I discern that is the for highest good for all at that time.  Being sensitive, empathic, a healer and channel has shown me that I work best with only one line of communication open at a time. The human thoughts and feelings being transmitted through the phone lines are very distracting to me.  After the session I immediately email the client. 

I do offer telepathic intuitive healing, oracle card readings, celestial channel and transformational teacher guidance for people and this I do live.

 7. What do you charge for your services? Do you have a package deal?

As of this writing my fees are $125.00 per hour and all are listed by category on my website   If my clients have a large number of animals and need several of them communicated with at the same time, yes I will customize a package deal based on what the situation is, the issues at hand etc. 

 8. Why do you think animal communication is valuable?

I feel if we know what our animal’s requirements and likes are it brings for a happier and more fulfilling relationship.   

 9. Do you think if a vet would incorporate animal communication into their practice it would be helpful? 

Yes there are many alternative methods that vets are bringing into their practices that treat the animal as a sentient being.  Allowing the animal to voice what it needs is very helpful in giving them their free will and the care they deserve.

 10. Are you able to communicate with an animal in the after life? How does that work? 

Yes I do in spirit sessions with people and animals.  It works the same because communication is based on soul to soul essence.  Telepathy is our natural language and it is not required that a spirit have a physical body form.

Bio for Suzi Dalling

Suzi is internationally known for her work as an Animal Communication Specialist, Multi Dimensional Intuitive Telepathic Healer and Transformational Guide.
Pursuing her soul’s mission she connects humans with the Animal Kingdom bringing understanding and awareness that animals live in the now and have much to share.  An equal part of her mission is to be a catalyst empowering you to locate and express your hearts desire and fulfill your true passion and purpose.
Suzi accesses the multitude of tools she has gathered over the last 40 years of study which will enable you recognize your blocks, dissolve the beliefs attached to the block, releasing and transmuting those memories from all time lines and guiding you how to create new beliefs to manifest the life you desire.

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