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Donna Lozito, Animal Communicator and Homeopathic Consultant
Donna Lozito, Animal Communicator and Homeopathic Consultant asked Donna Lozito, a pet talker, to answer some questions we had about animal communication as well as questions about her services. Thank you, Donna for the interview.

Donna Lozito is located in Arizona can be reached through her website:

Answers are Copyright of Donna Lozito.

1. How long have you been communicating with animals?
I have been working with and communicating with animals for 17 years.

2. How does one communicate with animals?
We begin by opening our hearts, this is sometimes a lot easier said than done.  It is a matter of shifting from your perspective, beliefs and needs to that of another being.  If you really intend to hear and make an effort to keep our mind, judgments and assumptions silenced, then it will just happen.  The more you practice the better you will become.   We tend not to focus on what we don’t understand so well but focusing and practice, like anything else in life will bring results.

3. Can you share with us, one of your favorite animal communication stories?  How it impacted the owner or the animal or both?
One of my favorite stories is that of a long time client/couple who have a wonderful dog named Angel.  Together with Angel they attended my workshops on “How to Communicate with Animals” Levels 1 & 2, in an effort to better understand and communicate with Angel.  After the workshops, Mary and John had a good idea of how it was done but like most; they felt that they could not do it so well and that Angel did not understand their communication.

One day Angel and his mom got into an accident while driving on the parkway.  The back window of the car was shattered and Angel escaped in fear, running away from the scene.   Mary screamed to Angel but he was so frightened all he could do was run and run.   They made an attempt to call me but I was away from my phone at that particular time.   John thought quickly to use his newly acquired skills of communicating with his dog and told him telepathically to go to someone’s home and wait there.    His goal was for someone to read Angel’s tags and call his frantic parents.   They put a relative by the phone at their home and continued the search for Angel.   Within about an hour of John’s message to Angel he got a call from his dad at home saying someone called and said that Angel was just sitting on their porch and would not move.   Of course they rushed to the home and found Angel sitting on the porch waiting to be picked up.   The woman at this home said it was most unusual that the dog just sat there would not come in, take a drink or eat anything she offered him.   Angel was doing as his dad instructed which was to go to a porch/house and wait there.  

In some way that day, I was glad that I was not available because while it was extremely stressful for the entire Brown family, it proved that not only can we communicate with our pets when they are with us but we can communicate with our pets when we are away from them as well and the do indeed understand our communication.

4. Do you prefer to communicate with younger or older animals?
An interesting question for sure because it is again our perspective of young and old.   When communicating with animals I have found more often than not, it is the experience of the Spirit and not the age of the Being that makes the difference.  In other words if the Spirit of the Being is evolved this intelligence is evident whether the Being is young or old in the material sense.    All beings are capable of understanding our communication whether young or old, in body or in Spirit.  It is we who have created the category of good, bad young, old better or worse.  There is really no such thing.  The answer lies in learning how to just be and gracefully accept what is. 

5. Do you prefer to communicate with a certain type of animal?  I mean, do you do better with cats, dogs, horses?  Do you even talk to reptiles?
I can communicate with any type of animal and really do not have a preference.  Again, here we are communicating with the Being, so the form does not much matter.  Of course each species has its own habits and have chosen to manifest in a specific form, for a specific purpose.  So understanding the species is a help.  For instance cats have very different needs than dogs and it is crucial to know just who I am communicating with in order to fully understand the message.     Yes I did talk to a baby reptile in Israel.   They have been here longer than any of us and made for an interesting conversation but again it is not every reptile that is so evolved just because the species is here the longest.

6. How do your services work?  Do you come to my home?  Do I bring my pet to you?  Do you communicate LIVE over the phone or in person?

Donna Lozito, Animal Communicator and Homeopathic Consultant
Donna Lozito, Animal Communicator and Homeopathic Consultant

As I am sure you have concluded from some of my answers, this work does not have to be done in person.   I have cases where the owner of the animal is more comfortable when I am there with the animal.   I try to suit the need of my client both human and animal alike.   The truth is that sometimes it is better when done from a distance over the phone because the animal is less distracted with my smells and having to let some new energy into their space.   When they are in there own environment, answering questions without new smells and distractions is simply less for them to contend with.   It is like you having to be in a conversation when there is quiet vs. having a conversation with some new people in the room.     I also work with Homeopathic remedies for people and their pets and this too can be done in person or on the phone because it is all about energy.   Everything begins in the form of energy.

7. What do you charge for your services?  Do you have a package deal?
My fees are $30 for 15 minutes and $60 for ½ hour.    The exactness of each consultation is hard to measure.   The numbers are for the time spent.   Sometimes deep seated issues need a Homeopathic remedy and more time is required than 15 minutes.   Each case is individual and I usually like to understand the needs and intentions of the human client before the consultation so we both know what to expect.

8. Why do you think animal communication is valuable?
When there is better communication among us, our world becomes more cohesive.    Communicating with animals is but part of our mission.  We are here to understand help and respect one another and that includes learning from our fellows whether man or beast.   In my experience the animals have more to show us than we give them credit for.    Once we can get a hold of this concept, that we are all here working together for the same cause, our world will change.   We have somewhere lost the true purpose of our existence on this planet.   The animals can bring us back to our true selves if we allow them to.

9. Do you think if a vet would incorporate animal communication into their practice it would be helpful?

Donna Lozito, Animal Communicator and Homeopathic Consultant
Donna Lozito, Animal Communicator and Homeopathic Consultant

Yes of course.  But since spending four years in the School of Homeopathy I can see why it may be difficult to incorporate this into practice.   I was fortunate to have had many years of straight animal communication before having to incorporate intense study.  My first inclination is my intuition then my intellect.  I have learned with experience to incorporate both in balance.   A veterinarian is trained to use the left brain to analyze and animal communication is all about the heart.   The veterinarian who opens his heart and uses his mind to support this will be in a much better place to hear the animals.  

10. Are you able to communicate with an animal in the afterlife?  How does that work?
Oh yes of course.   In actuality this communication is all about the Spirit to Spirit connection or communication, whether the Spirit is manifested in the body on earth or whether the Spirit has moved onto another dimension.   When we die (when our bodies expire), the Spirit energy continues on to another dimension but still completely available for the same communication as when in their body.     Sometimes a difficult concept for us to grasp but if we limit our view to only that which we can see, we limit the expansion of our own existence.

Donna Lozito, Animal Communicator and Homeopathic Consultant

Donna Lozito, Animal Communicator and Homeopathic Consultant
Donna Lozito, Animal Communicator and Homeopathic Consultant

I am a Holistic Consultant and specialize in Animal Communication and Homeopathic Medicine.  I have worked with animals for the past 17 years and completed a 4 year certificate program at the School of Homeopathy New York.  In addition, I traveled to India to study Homeopathy with Frederick Schroyens, Farouk Master and Rajan Sankaran. 

My career began when I turned to Animal Communication and Homeopathy in effort to find optimum wellness for my horse.  Seeing dramatic changes in him, I began this journey to wellness for myself.  My ability to hear the animals has enabled me to understand the way in which they experience their world.  Simply understanding and respecting the viewpoint of another can be enough to resolve issues and improve communication.  In cases of deeply held emotions or strongly held behavioral problems a Homeopathic remedy is extremely supportive in bringing the animal back to balance.  At times I also incorporate an amulet (medicine bag of crystals for your pet) and have found them to be quite effective. My work began with the animals intending to be the voice they so desperately need.  Inevitably, when I work with animals, their people welcome the same kind of care and understanding.  Homeopathy is a medicine suitable for everyone.  When we create balance in our lives and in the lives of our animals we can then begin to change the world.

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