Interview With Pet Talker Colleen Gordon

Colleen Gordon
Colleen Gordon asked Colleen Gordon, a pet talker, to answer some questions we had about animal communication as well as questions about her services. Thank you, Colleen for the interview.

Colleen Gordon can be reached through her website:

Answers are Copyright of Colleen Gordon.

1. How long have you been communicating with animals?

I have been communicating with animals for about 10 years.

2. How does one communicate with animals?

Colleen Gordon
Colleen Gordon

Animals speak in images.  they are always sending out images of how they view their world and what they think.  The trick is to be able to tap into those images and interpret them.

3. Can you share with us, one of your favorite animal communication stories?  How it impacted the owner or the animal or both?

One of my favorite animal stories is the Lahsa Apso, Gracie.  She had always been the perfect dog, when all of a sudden she began to pee and poo in the house.  Her owner was perplexed.  I met with them and asked Gracie to show me what was happening in her world.  Images of the owner’s new routine, gone long hours, no more long walks, no more spending time together.  She was trying to let her owner know that she was not happy.  The only way she had to do that was to mess in the house.  Gracie saw herself as best girlfriend to her pet companion, rather than as her child.  The owner was surprised that I was able to ask questions about her new work schedule, but she was committed to fixing the problem.  She was able to make more time for Gracie, and began taking her for long walks again.  magically the messing in the house disappeared and Gracie appeared to be much happier.

4. Do you prefer to communicate with younger or older animals?

Colleen Gordon
Colleen Gordon

I communicate with all animals, old, young, still living, deceased.

5. Do you prefer to communicate with a certain type of animal?  I mean, do you do better with cats, dogs, horses?  Do you even talk to reptiles?

I have worked with ferrets, turtles, birds, bunnies, horses, puerto rican minature hedgehogs, cats, dogs, snakes.

6. How do your services work?  Do you come to my home?  Do I bring my pet to you?  Do you communicate LIVE over the phone or in person?

Colleen Gordon
Colleen Gordon

I come to the pets or work via computer and phone with photographs, especially in the case of pets who have crossed over to the other side.

7. What do you charge for your services?  Do you have a package deal?

The typical investment in person is $65 to 75, and via phone/computer is $45.  Discounts for multiple pets applies, or multiple services, including pet therapy.

8. Why do you think animal communication is valuable?

my talents are improving the communication and relationship between pet and pet parent, so that everyone is happier.

9. Do you think if a vet would incorporate animal communication into their practice it would be helpful?

Colleen Gordon
Colleen Gordon

I do work with vets, and have received referrals from vets when they are stumped as to behavior or medical issues.  I am committed to convincing vets to bring in communication up front, instead of as a last resort.  Wholistic vets are more open-minded to this concept.

10. Are you able to communicate with an animal in the afterlife?  How does that work?

I do communicate with pets who have crossed.  My favorite story about pets who have passed away is working with a woman whose three cats perished in the floods from Hurricane Katrina.  The owner was devastated and felt guilty at leaving them behind.  She was really beating herself up over this.  she sent me pictures and I was able to bring her messages of peace, comfort and forgiveness from the three cats so that she could find closure and allow herself to let go of the guilt.  She was very emotional, but also very grateful.

A short bio for Pet Talker Colleen Gordon:

Colleen Gordon
Colleen Gordon

Colleen Gordon. Founder and President of Healing for Pets, has been a pet communicator and pet therapist for over 10 years.  her mission in life is to improve the commuincation and relationship between pets and pet parents so that every one is more comfortable.
She knows that pet parents everywhere just want their babies to be happy.
Her caring spirit has helped bring comfort and peace to pets and their special people all over the world.

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