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GatopoderI came across through another a website and found it to be an interesting site, so I wanted to share it with my readers but also wanted to inquire a little bit further about it with the site’s moderator, Pedro Florentini.  I’m always on the look for

Pedro Florentini
Pedro Florentini (Photo Credit: Arantza Elejabeitia)

another website that’s great for cat lovers – this one is not only great for the cat lover but also for the art lover.

1. What exactly is GatoPoder?  I mean I know it is “Cat Power” in Spanish, but what is your goal with it?

It’s a blog about cats and art and everything around…design, photography, photos of girls with cats..etc

2. How are Andreas Banderas, Elisabeth Moch, Florence Tétier, Jessica Williams, Luisa Pelipetz, Pedro Florentini, Sannah Kvist and Tara Sinn related to one another or how do they know each other?  In other words, how did all of you end up on the same website together?

image from
image from

Some of them know each other, I just invite them after a few weeks after create the blogand they just accept, they have Carte Blanche about what to post.

3. How often do you publish photos on the site?

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Lately not so much, just when I got some time.

4. Do you take outside contributions?  What are the guidelines for that?

image from
image from

Not lately. I guess the guidelines are to be involved in art and of course the love for cats.

5. How do you find material for your site?

Blogs, FFFFound, and lot from Flickr lately since I opened and account there I discovered a treasure there!

You can also find on Facebook.


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