Interview with Michelle Chappell of Mariposa Veterinary Center

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Youtube had an Interview with Michelle Chappell of Mariposa Veterinary Center. Dr. Michelle Chappell is owner and operator of Mariposa Veterinary Center in Lenexa, KS. Her phone is 913-825-3330. Her website is

How long have you been a vet?
18 years

Why did you want to become a vet?
I loved taking care of my pets as a child and I was fascinated with science.

What is your favorite type of animal to work with and why?
I grew up with cats and have always had a special connection with them, but I like working with all types of pets.

What is your most favorite procedure that you do on a cat?
Exams- I like to get to know them

What is your least favorite procedure?
Declaws- I prefer to refer these if people insist on having it done.

Should a cat be fed wet or dry food or a combination? Why or why not?
My experinece with my own and other client’s cats is that canned is much better to help keep cats hydrated and prevent diabetes from all the carbs in dry food.

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Do pets need their teeth cleaned?
Definately yes- depends on what the client is feeding and the overall oral health of the pet.

Is Catnip safe? Why do some cats go crazy with Catnip?
Cat nip has always been safe in my cats- my understanding is that it acts as a haalucinogenic in some cats, but not all.

Can you give a pet aspirin?
I do not recommend giving aspirin to dogs or cats because of the potential for stomach ulceration. It takes 3 days for cats to process one dose of aspirin, too.

Do you recommend a heartworm and flea preventive for cats? Which kind?
I prefer not to use chemicals on cats or dogs unless the are at risk. I like Comfortis for fleas and Interceptor for heartworm prevention.

Do you prefer to give a kitty herbs or medication?
Depends on the cat and the condition.

What do you think about declawing a cat?
I don’t like the idea of removing their claws- they can be traumatized by the experience and then are less versitle if they need to be allowed outside because of prey drive or people with allergies.

What is your most common complaint about pet owners?
Irresponsible breeding

Have you ever wanted a pet owner’s animal for yourself because you loved it so?
Only when they were not taking good care of it already.

What diseases can you catch from your cat?
Toxoplasmosis, rabies, plague, cat scratch fever…

What do you think about pet insurance?
I think it can be extremely helpful for some people that cannot afford big out of pocket expenses.

Can Music Help Animals?
Yes! Has been shown even to help milk production in dairy cattle.

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