Interview with Laura Oravec of Angelheart Ragdolls

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Angelheart Ragdolls RaquelAngelheart Ragdolls is a small cattery located in Burlington Wisconsin.  Our cats and kittens are part of the family and raised with lots of love and attention.  Kittens are handled from birth and are well socialized by the time they are ready to leave for their new home. We breed for health, temperament and size. Families are carefully screened to make sure it is the best possible fit for both the family and the kitten.


Email  angelheartrags [at] aol [dot] com

Phone 262-767-9001

How long have you been breeding Ragdolls?

Since 1998

How did you pick Ragdolls to breed?

My husband Frank and I saw our first Ragdolls when we went to a family reunion at a camp ground.  Franks cousin was a Ragdoll breeder and had her cats right there in the camper with her.  We instantly fell in love with their beauty and temperament.


Angelheart Ragdolls Kittens
Angelheart Ragdolls Kittens

Do you show? Why or why not?

Yes , we show for a variety of reasons.  It is always good to see and meet other Ragdoll breeders to put a face with the name and discuss the love of cats.  Breeding is a constant learning experience and meeting other cat breeders offers a  great opportunity to learn no matter how long you have been breeding.  We have also met some wonderful people that are now our friends.  People we would have never met if it weren’t for our love of cats. We also like the competition of showing our cats. We are proud to say that we have many Supremes and Regional Winners.

What congenital defects are in Ragdolls?

There are no congenital defects specific to the Ragdoll that would not be in any other breed of cat whether pedigree’d or not.

How are you breeding to avoid those defects?

We use all possible tests and tools to check for any defects.  We DNA check our cats for HCM and all of our cats are negative. If we need to bring in a new cat, it is only from a reputable breeder that also tests and has proven healthy lines.  Even if that breeder has DNA checked the cat, we go ahead and do it again.   At this point in time, only Ragdolls and Maine Coons are lucky enough to be able to DNA check for HCM.  There is absolutely no reason for any Ragdoll breeder not to DNA check for that.


Angelheart Ragdolls' Kittens
Angelheart Ragdolls’ Kittens

How large is your breeding operation?

It is small. We want to be able to give each cat and kitten all the attention and love they deserve.

Where do your cats spend most of their time?

Our cats are in our house and are a part of our family.  We consider them our children. We do not cage.  Our whole boys have a large room with cat furniture, their own TV and plenty of toys.  They are also allowed to run around in the house when they have their “stud pants” on. We have a big screened in porch where the cats love to spend time.  We also have a pet stroller and take the cats and kittens for walks in the park, which they love.

Do you breed full time? In other words, do you have another job?

Breeding is always 24/7 whether you have a full/part time job or not. I am lucky enough to be able to work at home most of the time.


Angelheart Ragdolls' Kittens
Angelheart Ragdolls’ Kitten

What sort of health guarantees do you offer?

I have a 2 year health guarantee.

What happens if the kitten gets sick?

If a kitten gets sick it goes to the vet right away.

Do you have any fun adoption stories to share?

We had a family come over to pick out their kitten and they had their 6 year old daughter with them.  After about an hour, the parents said they have to go, they have tickets to the circus.  Their daughter started crying and said, she didn’t want to go to the circus, she wanted to stay here and play with the cats and kittens.  They had to pick her up and carry her out while she was crying out Nooooooooo, don’t take me away, you go to the circus 🙂

What makes this kitten or cat “pet quality” or “show quality”?

Each association (TICA, CFA and ACFA are the ones we belong to) has a breed standard for each breed of cat. Structure of the cat, boning, coat type, color/pattern, if there are any mismarks, eye color/shape, muzzle shape, ear size/placement.

Angelheart RagdollsDo you keep some of your cats for your own?


How old is your oldest cat?

Our oldest cats are our foundation cats, they are 13 1/2 years old.

What is your favorite Ragdoll look?

It’s too hard to pick a favorite.  I love them all.  Each one has their own unique beauty.

Do you raise your cats underfoot?

Yes, definitely.  Our cats are part of the family.


Angelheart Ragdolls' Hunter
Angelheart Ragdolls’ Hunter

Do you send photos of the parents before you adopt a kitten? Or do you post the parents on the website?

I have some pictures on my website, but I email pictures of the parents and then I email photo’s and updates of the kittens about every week until they leave here.

Do you send the kitten’s pedigree when you adopt a kitten?

No, the registration papers, contract and kitten kit is given.  If a kitten parent wants a pedigree I can give them one if they request it.

Will it be a problem if one requests, and wants to pay for, the CatGenes DNA testing before one accepts a kitten?

Not at all, but we do not use CatGenes ourselves.  We use NCSU, COLLEGE OF VETERINARY MEDICINE. This is where Dr. Meurs is.  She is the Dr. that did the research and discovered the DNA test for HCM.

Can people interested in purchasing one of your cats visit your cattery?

Yes, but only people that are seriously wanting to adopt a kitten.

If a possible adoptee cannot visit your cattery, are you willing to talk to your adoptee on the phone? 

I always talk to the adoptee over the phone.  We do not ship our kittens, so anyone that is interested must make at least one trip to our home before the kitten leaves here.  We screen very carefully.  We want to make sure it is a good fit for both the kitten and the family.


Angelheart Ragdolls' Hunter
Angelheart Ragdolls’ Hunter

How do you honor your health guarantee?

With a replacement kitten under the terms of the contract.

What if a kitten gets adopted and the customer is unhappy with a kitten, what do you do?

We take the kitten back.

How are your kittens registered?

I am registered with TICA, CFA and ACFA.  I register all litters with TICA.

What vaccination brand do you use? And what vaccinations are given, when?

I use Pfizer M/L 3-way vaccinations.  My kittens are vaccinated at 10 weeks old with their first shot.  Then they are ready for their second shot 4 weeks later, the third shot 4 weeks after that.  They will need another 3-way shot one year later, then after one year, one every three years. The only other shot they may need is a rabies shot, but not until they are at least 6 months old and NEVER at the same time with another vaccination or severe reactions may occur.  Ragdolls do not need any other vaccinations.  We personally give our cats their last shot when they reach the ages of 10-12 years old.

What are the kittens fed?

The kittens are fed Royal Canin Kitten hard food – free fed.  They also get Royal Canin Baby Cat canned food. When kittens are about 4 months old, we switch them to Fancy Feast Elegant Medlies for the canned food.

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3 thoughts on “Interview with Laura Oravec of Angelheart Ragdolls

  1. Pat Duerksen says:

    My first love was with the Flame Point Ragdoll……….the picture of the kitten, then as an adult………..precious and priceless. Beautiful interview, thanks.

  2. Geo says:

    I know from personal experience with Laura of Angelheart Ragdolls, what a wonderful, caring breeder she is. Burlington,WI where she is located is a relatively short trip from anywhere in the Chicago area. My big beautiful boy, Romeo comes from Angelheart and I will be getting another perfect kitten from her very soon.

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