Interview with Greg Mote of Sleepypod

Sleepypod LogoSleepypod is a company that has fascinated me ever since I found out about it.  I love companies like Sleepypod because their products are not only HIP but they are also functional and practical. 

If you are regular reader of the site, then you know that we have done product reviews on three of Sleepypod’s products, including:

So, I wanted to learn more about Sleepypod as a company.  I decided to ask Greg Mote, one of Sleepypod’s co-owners and product designers, a few questions. 

Thanks, Greg for the interview.

1. How old were you when you got your first pet?  Was it a cat or a dog or something else?

My family always had pets. When I was young we had a dog, a bird and a tortoise. When I moved to my own place after school I had a roommate who had a dog a ferret and a chameleon. My next roommate had a cat and when a friend of my mom found a stray kitty in her yard I adopted Dee-Dee. After that I adopted 2 more cats over the next few years and have leveled off for now as 3 cats is plenty for my small apartment.

2. What got you into the pet product business? Did you always think you would be in this business?

Blossom Pink Sleepypod
Blossom Pink Sleepypod

Michael and myself had been working together on other products for several years and when Melony had the idea to make a better travel carrier for their new cat, Mike and I helped out.

3. What did you do before you started Sleepypod?

I was and am an industrial designer. I have many clients who I have worked with for many years which keeps me busy balancing the pet business and my own.

4. How did you come up with the Sleepypod name?  Did it take you awhile to figure out what the name should be?

Sleepypod Crater Dot and Charlie
Charlie on the Sleepypod Crater Dot

The name was finished long before the product was ready to sell. I think Michael and Melony had come up with it before they even showed me the idea.

5. The Sleepypod was your first pet product, right?  How was it first recieved in the market?

The Sleepypod was our first entry into the pet market. At our first trade show (Backer Christmas 2006) we had a booth full of Sleepypod (Jet Black). Many people didn’t know what to think of it as it was so different than all the other beds and carriers. But it didn’t take long to explain the benefits and we soon had hundreds of stores and world wide distribution.

6. What inspires you in your product designs?  How do you come up with them?

Sleepypod Air Carrier and Charlie
Charlie in the Sleepypod Air Pet Carrier

We listen to our customers to find new areas to explore and we follow our slogan “baby your pet” when designing new products.

7. What have been your most effective ways of marketing your pet products?

Trade shows are very effective in getting our products in stores and in the stores is the best way for customers to get a hands on feel for the quality and design of our products.

8. Do you have a favorite Sleepypod product? Why?

Trigg and Crater Dot
Trigg and Crater Dot

2 out of my 3 cats prefer the Crater Dot and the other prefers the original Sleepypod. I like the Sleepypod Air best myself; all the comforts of home in a compact package; but I don’t fit so my opinion just an opinion.

9. What Sleepypod product you most proud of?

I am against pride of any kind. I always do the best work I can and listen to the feedback from the result.

10. What is top selling Sleepypod product?

Charlie on Crater Dot Cat Bed
Charlie on Crater Dot Cat Bed

The original Sleepypod is still the king, but the Sleepypod Air is right on it’s tail and has actually beat it a few months.

11. What is your vision for the future of Sleepypod?  What do you hope to accomplish?

We want to make the best carriers and beds for pets of all sizes and shapes.


Would you like to learn more about Sleepypod?  You can visit their website or socialize with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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7 thoughts on “Interview with Greg Mote of Sleepypod

  1. Helen Perry says:

    Hi, Any idea when the bigger sleepypod’s will be out? Ideally I’d like one that could fit 2 Devon Rexs in as they hate to be seperated. Thank you.

  2. MeLinda Hughes says:

    We have the Sleepypod carrier, which was given to us by Sleepypod as part of a rescue giveaway. Yesterday, I brought a cat from the shelter, just opened the awesome top, and let her come out on her own. She came out, ate, sniffed, and WENT RIGHT back in to sleep in the bed!

    I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has a cat!

    Merlin’s Hope Cat Rescue

  3. Greg Mote says:

    Bigger Sleepypods are on the way very soon! They have been in development for quite a while now. There were several tricky things to work out when we scaled the product up to make sure the larger size is just as safe and comfortable as the original Sleepypod.

    • Melody says:

      That is great news! For some reason the original round Sleepypod just looks more comfortable for the kitty to sit or lie in during car rides. Or at least I think so anyway ^^ Thanks for updating us!

  4. Melody says:

    Even though I do not currently own any Sleepypod items, I am a fan of them and definitely plan on purchasing the Sleepypod Air in the future when the time comes! I agree, the functionality of their products are great especially those absorbent travel pads and the crater dot + warmer. I like the original Sleepypod too, it would be great if there could be a larger version of one so that an adult Ragdoll could fit in it but then again a big round carrier may look odd in comparison to its current size. I love the colors too!

  5. Donna & Morgan says:

    Another great Interview! Morgan says he would like to be a product tester for Sleepy Pod – he thinks they look like lots of fun!

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