Interview With Gail Stone Of Megailee Ragdolls

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Megailee Ragdolls Kitten
Megailee Ragdolls Kitten

On February 26th, interviewed Gail Stone of Megailee Ragdolls.  Gail can be reached via e-mail at  By phone at 919-562-1153 and online at:

1. How long have you been breeding Ragdolls?

I have been breeding for over 4 years and only breed Ragdolls.

2. How did you pick Ragdolls to breed?

I picked the Ragdoll to breed because I love the personality and the physical appearance.  This is the perfect pet as they love people, pets, & kids.  They are so docile and beautiful in every way.

3. Do you show? Why or why not?

I do show in TICA and CFA when possible.  It is good to know how your cats are judged relative to the standard.  I also like to meet other breeders and people and talk about Ragdolls.   I wish I had the time and money to show more.

Megailee Ragdolls Janessa
Megailee Ragdolls Janessa

4. What congenital defects are in Ragdolls?

The congenital defects in Ragdolls is the same as in any other purebred cat.  There is the possibility of HCM and FIP to a small degree.

5. How are you breeding to avoid those defects?

We do take precautions to maximize the health of our cats by doing DNA HCM testing.

6. How large is your breeding operation?

My breeding program is small.  Only 1 breeding male and 3 females to date.  I think being small enables me to spend quality time with all cats and is a healthier environment.

7. Where do your cats spend most of their time?

Our girls have free rein of the household and our boy stays in the 2nd living-room.  Fortunately he does not spray.  Kittens have their own nursery/bedroom.  All pets are well socialized and used to household noises.

8. Do you breed full time? In other words, do you have another job?

I am home and work from home so the cats/kittens get all of my attention all day and night.

9. What sort of health guarantees do you offer?

My health guarantee covers genetic and congenital defects and I also will cover FIP.  Both are for a stated time period as per the contract.

10. What happens if the kitten gets sick?

The kitten sees a vet prior to leaving and also is altered prior to leaving here to go to forever home.  If being shipped there is also a health certificate that I give you.

11. Do you have any fun adoption stories to share?

Funny adoption story:  A lady came here to pick up her kitten but then couldn’t make up her mind and wanted the whole litter.  She spent about 3 hours here and finally went home with the kitten she originally choose.  Good thing as the others were spoken for.

12. What makes this kitten or cat “pet quality” or “show quality”?

Pet vs Show quality is in the markings and physical qualities like head set, boning, ear size and set,  eye shape, size, etc.  Personality is the utmost to me.

13. Do you keep some of your cats for your own?

I have kept back some of my cats from my own breeding.  Megailee Janessa is our CFA champion and we are very proud of her.  I cant keep too many as I want to remain small.

14. How old is your oldest cat that you’ve bred?

My oldest cat is 4 years of age.  I retire cats and will not keep breeding them too long. I continually try to enhance the lines.

15. What is your favorite Ragdoll look?

I like the traditional colors of blue and seals.  I like all patterns including lynx.

16. Can a potential adopter talk to previous adopters?

I give references upon request.

Megailee Ragdolls Kitten at 7 weeks
Megailee Ragdolls Kitten at 7 weeks

17. Do you raise your cats underfoot?

I do raise kittens underfoot and you always have to be careful where you walk 😉 This way they are well socialized and used to household sounds.

18. Can you send photos of the parents before one adopts a kitten? Or do you post the parents on the website?

Photos of adults and kittens are on my website.  I also send weekly updated photos of kittens to clients.

19. Do you send the kitten’s pedigree when you adopt a kitten?

I provide the “blue slip” from TICA to the buyer.  The litters are registered with TICA.  I can also provide a pedigree.

20. Will it be a problem if I request, and want to pay for, the CatGenes DNA testing before I accept a kitten?

There is no problem but I prefer to use UCDavis testing as I have found them faster and more responsive to customer service.

21. Can one visit your cattery?

I do allow prospective clients to visit my home.

22. If a possible adoptee cannot visit your cattery, are you willing to talk to your adoptee on the phone?

Phone and email questions are welcome and responded to on a prompt basis.

23. How do you honor your health guarantee?

If death should occur with the stated health guarantee period and a necropsy is provided which demonstrates it was due to a congenital or hereditary factor the kitten will be replaced as soon as is possible with like quality.

24. What if a kitten gets adopted and the customer is unhappy with a kitten, what do you do?

I would take back the kitten and try to find a suitable home.  The important thing is the health and happiness of the kitten.

25. How are your kittens registered?

The litter is registered with TICA.

26. Are you capable of including the kittens maturing pattern since birth?

Yes we can.

27. What vaccination brand do you use? And what vaccinations are given, when?

For vaccinations we use Schering- Plough Eclipse 3 vaccine.  This is for feline rhinotracheitis-calci-panleukuopenia.

28. What are the kittens fed?

The kittens are fed Royal Canin BabyCat dry food and Iams kitten food.

We strive for well socialized loving kittens.  Temperament is very important to us.  We are also proud of our customer service.  We are happy to respond to all emails and send photos and information from the time you choose your pet until he/she is ready to go to their forever home.

My goal is happy healthy beautiful well socialized kittens and happy owners 🙂

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One thought on “Interview With Gail Stone Of Megailee Ragdolls

  1. Jen says:

    Fantastic breeder and person. She produces wonderful loving kittens and is always there to answer your questions. I will buy a second and third kitten from Megailee Ragdolls when the time is right.

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