Interview with Animal Communicator Laurie Moore

Laurie Moore
Laurie Moore asked Laurie Moore, an Animal Communicator, to answer some questions we had about animal communication as well as questions about her services. Thank you, Laurie, for the interview.

Laurie can be reached through her website: or via phone at 831-477-7007.

Answers are Copyright of Dr. Laurie Moore.

1. How long have you been communicating with animals?

About 7 years as a professional but in many ways my whole life.

2. How does one communicate with animals?

1. Focus on your heart.
2. Focus your heart on gratitude.
3. Send gratitude to an animal friend.
4. Ask the animal friend with the love of your heart if you may converse with her or him.
5. If you feel, hear or see, “yes’ ask him or her to share anything s/he wishes to say. You will then receive feelings, words, pictures or a combination of all this.
6. If you have doubts, there are many ways to test and improve. I suggest a private tutoring session or a Satsang journey course focused on communication with all life or animals.

3. Can you share with us, one of your favorite animal communication stories? How it impacted the owner or the animal or both?

My client Cheryl’s dog said that after he died, yellow flowers would grow in her garden. She did not believe me because yellow flowers had never grown in her garden. But after he died, on his birthday, yellow flowers appeared in her garden. From this experience Cheryl learned trust and faith and so did I. Her dog felt peace and respect because we listened.

4. Do you prefer to communicate with younger or older animals?

I love all animals and happily devote myself to communicating with any animal. Ihave no preference.

5. Do you prefer to communicate with a certain type of animal? I mean, do you do better with cats, dogs, horses? Do you even talk to reptiles?

I have communicated with so many different species and loved them all: domestic, wild, insects, animals living and animals crossed over.

6. How do your services work? Do you come to my home? Do I bring my pet to you? Do you communicate LIVE over the phone or in person?

I communicate live. Animals are heart telepathic so they use heart psychic tools as email and phone. I offer sessions to people all over the world via phone and in person if they live in Santa Cruz, CA or Hawaii Islands in particular areas.

7. What do you charge for your services? Do you have a package deal?

My sessions are $150/30 minutes. My seminars vary in price. If some on is in a place where tragedy came (Iran, Haiti for example) and needs to talk to their animal and is without money they can write me or one of my assistants about their circumstances and receive a scholarship.

8. Why do you think communication is valuable?

It is the primary key to eternal peace, love, happiness and enlightenment.

9. Do you think if a vet would incorporate animal communication into their practice it would be helpful?

YES! Animals have personal abilities to tell you what kind of foods and medications will help them and what will not. They also know when they are going to die or live.

10. Are you able to communicate with an animal after life?

Yes, animals are simply souls living in bodies. When their body is finished the soul goes on. I speak to animals and people on the other side.

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