Interchangeable Cat Toys: Neko Flies – Small Kittenator with Rod – Interchangeable Toy

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When speaking of the best cat toys online, Neko Flies is one of the top in line. With its well-made durable and safe design, Neko Flies’ Small Kittenator with 21.5" Rod interchangeable toy can definitely make your cat busy for the rest of the day!!

Neko Flies - Small Kittenator with Rod - Interchangeable Toy

Imagine getting your cat into exercise while at the same time enhancing his natural hunting instincts. Great right? Neko Flies’ Small Kittenator with Rod will train and drive your feline crazy as it possess realistic movements that of a critter your cat will surely love to chase around the house.

You can also get a chance of fun bonding experiences with your cat as this feather cat toy was made purrrfectly for hours of fun and excitement!

Does your cat enjoy playing with this? How would you rank the product’s features? Tell fellow cat lovers what other feather cat toys you like most in our Ragdoll Cat Forum. We’d love to hear from you!!

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