Interactive Cat Toy – The Frolicat TWITCH Arrives for a Product Review at

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Trigg and Charlie checking out the Frolicat TWITCH Interactive Cat ToyWe have reviewed other Frolicat cat toys like their BOLT and the SWAY, so when I heard that they had a new Frolicat TWITCH, I wanted to give it a try!  They were nice enough to send one off to us!

The TWITCH is an interactive cat toy that bounces and swings a teaser toy (we got a red soft ball with feathers sticking out of it) – it is electronic – so it requires 3 AAA batteries to operate.  There is a button on the top of the device that you press to make it move – you can also set it to move throughout the day by holding it down for a bit.

Charlie and Trigg were immediately attracted to it, the teaser toy and the entire thing put together!

You can buy the Frolicat TWITCH now on for $16.09.

Below are a few videos I shot during the unveiling process to the cats.

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