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As a cat owner you want your kitty to be safe while playing with toys. There are simple instructions make cat toys that can be made by you in simple and easy steps. When you make your own cat toy, you can have the joy of providing your pet, something to play with, made entirely by you.

Toys that are bought from the market can also be dangerous to the cat if there are bells, sharp objects or small decorations as part of the toy – especially if they aren’t properly secured on the toy. Your Ragdoll cat might swallow and choke on the toy if left unsupervised.

DIY cat toys can be fun to make, and of course, you are in charge of the safety standards. Take care that you do not use any sort of toxic material or harmful substance that might cause injury or harm to the cat.

You will be surprised to know that one of the best toys, that you can provide your cat with, is a cardboard. Cats love hiding and playing with it. You can use socks to make a wonderful toy. Fill your socks with pillow stuffing and some catnip. Tie the socks in a secure manner, your cat would love playing with this toy for hours.

Attach some sort of clothing or fur to a stick and as you pull it along, your cat would love jumping and playing with it. You can cut long strips of paper and roll it into a ball. Cats love pushing the ball around with their paws.

All these toys are easy to make and cheap. You can keep changing them at frequent intervals to avoid your kitty getting bored.

Charlie and Trigg also love bottle caps.  So the next time you have a bottled water, or a coke, rinse off the bottle cap and toss it across the floor.

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