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Charlie on 11-1-09

All cat owners need information about grooming cat. Whether you have a domestic short hair cat or you’re going to tackle something like grooming a Persian cat (much harder than a Ragdoll cat) it is important to know proper cat grooming techniques.

The first thing to know is the proper way to brush a cat. Cat grooming brushing will remove mats and debris from your cat’s coat. It will also bring out the natural oils in the fur that will make the coat look clean and glossy. It is important to find a brush that your cat likes. Some cats will love to be brushed while others will hate it. When you go to brush your cat, try to make it as calm a setting as possible so the brushing can work as a bonding time for the two of you.

Be sure to have all of the things that you will need by you when you start. You might want to put a towel on your lap, under the cat to collect the loose hair. Put your feline friend in your lap and pet him until he is calm and relaxed. Begin brushing long, slow strokes along the back. Make sure to be very sensitive to the head, face, genitals and belly. Be sure the brush is going completely through your cat’s hair. If you notice a mat you can gently try to work it out. If it doesn’t work out with just a little work then it may need to be cut out. After you are done brushing your cat you might find that he needs some alone time. Allow him some private time.

A few words about grooming matted cat fur. Mats are a very frustrating thing for both owners and cats. Mats can lead to various health problems including skin sores. Mats are also very painful for your cat. As they try to groom themselves they will swallow large amounts of hair which can lead to increased hairballs. When you find a mat that won’t work out it is best to cut it out. Make sure that you do not cut anything you cannot see. Using cat grooming shears get under the mat and slowly begin cutting. Remove the mat completely.

Never be afraid to ask for Cat Grooming Help. Your vet or local pet store will be happy to help with products and techniques for grooming your cat. With just a little effort your cat will have a glorious, shiny coat. Here are a few other articles on information about grooming cat that you can refer to:

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