Indiegogo Campaign: Help a Fellow Feline Enthusiast While Helping Yourself

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Chic Pet BowlsFor those of you unfamiliar with crowdfunding, it’s when you present an idea. If people like it enough, they pledge money to help you turn this concept into a reality. Indiegogo is a great website for this. Dylan Kendall, a home accessories designer based in LA is hoping to get enough donations to get her business (table top and home decor) up and running. Ms. Kendall has a talent for making ceramics and rescuing cats. She has both fostered and adopted dozens of kittens over the years.

After speaking to several friends, she found that many were using human two-pawed bowls as cat food bowls. Ms. Kendall decided it was time to reward our pets. Using her skills with ceramics, she has committed to creating pet food bowls, which are being pre-sold now. This means that once enough money for the project has been pledged, donators will be rewarded with their bowls. For each dog bowl sold via Indiegogo, $1 will go to Hope for Paws, a dog rescue in Los Angeles. For each cat bowl sold, $1 will go to Stray Cat Alliance, another organization in Los Angeles that saves stray cats. Check out the chic ceramic cat bowls Ms. Kendall is offering!

The designs are exquisite and seem to match most homes. One of these bowls is truly a piece of unique cat furniture. Rather than two-legged bowls, these models have four “paws.” These legs keep the bowl from sitting directly on the ground, which can actually help your cat make less of a mess. You can microwave them, as well as wash them in the dishwasher.
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