Incline Scratcher with Birch Post by Mountain Cat Trees

Last Updated on August 22, 2021 by Jenny

Incline Scratcher with Birch Post by Mountain Cat TreesIf you have got a highly energetic kitten or a quite adventurous cat, this might just be the perfect cat scratcher for them to use.

The 45 degree angle design is just right for those small kittens to practice their climbing skills and can fulfill the need to scratch and climb at the same time. Whether your cat prefers to scratch vertically or horizontally, this cat scratching tree post is an excellent option.

Made from natural birch wood, the Incline Scratcher with Birch Post by Mountain Cat Trees are very stable due to their no-tip design.

The inclined wooden post is fully covered with sisal rope and can help stop your cat from scratching on any other piece of furniture in your home. The birch wood is covered with a non-toxic clear coat finish to retain it natural color.

All breeds of cats like the Ragdoll cat breed have a natural instinct to scratch. Sisal rope is made from natural plant fibers tightly woven to make it strong. Sisal cat scratching posts may be the best option that any cat owner has to help prevent their cats from scratching their wooden floors and furniture plus allow the feline to gratify their natural instinct. 

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