In Memory of Woody

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In Memory of WoodyI read Floppy Cats because of my Ragdoll Woody that I adopted. Sadly Woody passes away in May. Not in a hurry to adopt I was keeping my eye out for a cat who needed a home. This week I adopted Minuit. She’s not a Ragdoll, but she is a diabetic like Woody was and really needed a home. Now that she is here, I’m working real hard to win her trust which is not easy (the picture is not great because she does not want to be bothered). I’d like to win so Minuit can have some things of her own here as well as have some items that will help her loose the extra weight she carries.

I adopted Minuit through Diabetic Cats in Need, but they don’t have a physical shelter, so the rescue I would want the second prize donated to is Tabby’s Place as they also look out for those cats with special needs

Name: Dawn
City: Forty Fort
State: PA
ShelterRescue: Tabby’s Place

You can enter to win Charlie’s Birthday Giveaway too!  Thanks to all the great pet product companies that have made this giveaway possible:

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