Imperial Cat’s Cat ‘n Around – Review

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cat-n-aroundOur generous friends over at Imperial Cat sent us more products of theirs to review. This time, a new line of toys, Cat ‘n Around, was the product to review.

Charlie with Cat 'n Around Toys from Imperial Cat
Charlie with Cat 'n Around Toys from Imperial Cat

They sent us an orange goldfish and a mint green snake. The designs are cute as heck and Charlie and Trigg were immediately interested
in them.

The snake is long enough that it goes the length of Charlie’s body making it more ideal for bunny kicking and also more ideal for playing with the cats with the toy.

They’re made out of a soft felt material and have catnip inside to encourage playing, licking, biting and kicking from your kitties.

The snake has a Velcro opening where you can open it up and add more catnip – be careful opening it though as the catnip in there can fall out too!

Look, I killed the fish!
Look, I killed the fish!

Thanks to Imperial Cat for sending us these wonderful toys to product test!

Do you know of other great Ragdoll toys? We are always on the lookout for more great toys to product test – please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any suggestions!  Or share your thoughts by visiting our Facebook page.

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