Imperial Cat Zen Lounger – Review

Post Published on November 2, 2010 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Trigg on The Imperial Cat Zen Lounger
Trigg on The Imperial Cat Zen Lounger

Our friends over at Imperial Cat, were kind enough to send us a new product line under their eco-friendly Scratch ‘n Shapes series they’re introducing, the Zen Lounger, is one of the Modern designs they’re introducing.  We previously reviewed their Lounger, which Charlie and Trigg still use today.

However, the Zen Lounger is way cooler!  It is called the Zen Lounger because of its Asian-like design.
Charlie on The Imperial Cat Zen Lounger
Charlie on The Imperial Cat Zen Lounger

The second I took this one out of the box, Trigg and Charlie were interested in it.  Eventhough it comes with a little baggie of catnip, so  you can sprinkle it on the cardboard, it wasn’t necessary to use it.  Trigg and Charlie now associate the smell of cardboard with scratching, so they just do it.  This is one of the reasons why it is best not to have a carpet scratcher – because if you tell your cat it’s okay to scratch on carpet on their post, then they will think they can scratch on carpet in other places – like on stairs!

Charlie on The Imperial Cat Zen Lounger
Charlie on The Imperial Cat Zen Lounger

This Zen Lounger is a great size.  Charlie and Trigg are 13 and 15 lbs, respectively, and if you recall, the Lounger was a little too small for Charlie – and he wasn’t full grown yet.  Of course, he didn’t care that it was small.

Corrugated cardboard simulates tree bark because of its honeycomb like texture.

Scratch ‘n Shapes are made in the USA, from 90% post consumer recycled materials, and are 100% recyclable.

Buy the Imperial Cat Zen Recycled Paper Cat Scratching Board for $24.97.

Here are a few videos I captured.  The first one is when we first pulled it out of the box and the next one is when they first used it:

Thank you, Imperial Cat, for sending us your Zen Lounger to test!

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