Imperial Cat Rub and Ramp Cardboard Cat Scratcher

Last Updated on August 19, 2021 by Jenny

Imperial Cat Rub and Ramp Cardboard Cat ScratcherImperial Cat's Rub and Ramp cat scratcher is a one of a kind scratcher. First, it is designed in an upright position to promote vertical scratching. Second is that the other side of it is designed in a rugged, bumpy style for rubbing purposes.

This cardboard cat scratcher is not carpeted but is made of corrugated honeycomb texture so that your bicolor ragdoll will not get it mistaken as your home furniture.

The unique style and shape of the Rub and Ramp promotes various ways of scratching and sleeping positions thus raising a healthy lifestyle for your feline. It is comprised of 100% post-consumer recycled materials and 100% recyclable.

Product Dimensions: 10" H x 9" W x 16.5" D. Made exclusively in the USA with an inclusive bag of Certified Organic Catnip.

Purchase this cheetah pattern Imperial Cat Rub and Ramp Cardboard Scratcher for $19.99.

Does your cat already have this cat scratch furniture? What can you say about the Rub and Ramp cat scratcher? Share some answers with fellow cat owners in our forum or leave us a comment below.

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