Imperial Cat Relax-a-Cat Cardboard Cat Scratcher

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For over 25 years, Imperial Cat has been well known for producing unique cat products – particularly cardboard cat scratchers.
Imperial Cat Relax-a-Cat Cat Scratcher
We all know that cats really love scratching. Ever wondered by cats scratch?  They scratch to remove old sheaths from their claws and also to stretch themselves as they tone their body muscles. Scratching also reduces cat stress and boredom.  They also are marking their territory because there are oil glands in thier claws that release their scent where they scratch.

Imperial Cat’s Relax-a-Cat Cardboard Cat Scratcher is made from 100% recycled materials making it 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Relax-a-Cat embodies a great natural texture that is far better than any other scratching pad making it easier for cats to search. Such natural, distinct texture also trains your cats NOT to scratch your home furnishings.

You can purchase Imperial Cat Relax-a-Cat Cardboard Cat Scratcher for $37.57.

What do you think of Imperial Cat’s cat scratcher? Share some of your thoughts and opinions with fellow cat parents in our forum.

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