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Post Published on April 27, 2010 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Charlie on the Imperial Cat Lounge
Charlie on the Imperial Cat Lounge

We were sent an Imperial Cat Lounge to test many months ago.  We have been testing it for all of those months.  Charlie immediately took to it, Trigg doesn’t use it as much.  Charlie has probably always preferred the cardboard scratchers over the sisal and carpet varieties.

The Imperial Cat Lounge is great because it comes with a packet of catnip that you can use to “refreshen” the attraction to the lounge.  The design is wonderful as well, because your kitty wants to sit down and prop his paws up.

Charlie is almost 12 lbs., so for a smaller cat, this lounge is ideal.  If Charlie gets much larger, no doubt, he will not fit on the lounge anymore.

Charlie on the Imperial Cat Lounge
Charlie on the Imperial Cat Lounge

Not all kitties are attracted to corrugated cardboard as their preferred thing to scratch on.  Some prefer sisal or carpet.  But you don’t want to use a carpet scratcher because then they will think that all carpet is fair game.

The Imperial Cat company makes a whole line of products.  The Imperial Cat Lounge comes from their Scratch ‘n Shapes line – which is really fun.  You can choose from a number of designs, including:

You can tell from these designs that someone over at Imperial Cat company has a fantastic sense of humor.

Imperial Cat Scratch 'n Shapes Lounge
Imperial Cat Scratch 'n Shapes Lounge

Here are the videos we captured during our review:

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