I Want to Draw a Cat For You

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I want to draw a cat for you logoI am a big fan of Shark Tank because I am a serial entrepreneur.  Last night, I Want to Draw a Cat For You was featured and website creator, Steve, approached the Sharks and asked for an investment.  You can see the full episode here.

Here’s a video from his homepage that explains what he does.

Basically, for $9.95, Steve will draw a cat for you based on what you want it doing and then he posts the drawing on his site – so even if you are not interested in buying a drawing, you might be interested in scrolling through them and checking them out.

Billionaire, Mark Cuban, decided to invest with Steve and his site, I Want to Draw a Cat For You.

I am excited for Steve – not only to see his idea flourish but also because it’s supporting cats!  Best of luck to you, Steve!

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