I sit like a human

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Ragdoll MixOur story is very simple. Our Ragdoll mix does not realize that he is a cat! Since the day that we brought him home, he has been one of the kids. Every member of the family INSTANTLY excepted him. But he kicked my toy poodle out of her kennel within two weeks of getting here, and now owns his own kennel, which he is restricted to EVERY night, and when we are gone. He also liked to sleep across my husbands neck ( when he was a kitten ).. The part that made us realize that he does not know he is feline is his ability to sit in a chair like we do, and also to rest on his hind legs, while his body is comfortably in the upright position, and resting his front paws on his knees ( like a meercat ).

Kitty’s Name: Ichigo aka Trouble maker
Name: crystal
Where: kansas city

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