I found a diamond in the rough…..

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A diamond in the roughHi….I lost my rescue tiger stripe kitty at age 18 years old and REALLY wanted another Kitty. I did a bit of looking on the internet and found the Ragdoll Breed facinating! A quick look at breeders and prices dampened my spirits!…So, I decided to look for a rescue locally. I used PETFINDER.COM and registered a search.
I live in Northern Kentucky and it appeared there were very few Ragdolls in this area. I waited patiently for monthes…then one day I got a hit…a male Ragdoll in Indiana, a 2 hour drive, in a "pound" (hi-kill shelter). That Saturday my hubby and I set off to go get "Rodger"(what a dumb name for this kitty!)
We arrived to find a very "ratty-looking" intact male with abcesses from fighting or defending himself…he had been found out on the streets and turned in…..I reluctantly accepted him ($25.00) and off to home we go!
The following 3 days were pure hell! He hid and marked Everywhere!!! We were unaware he had only had dry kibble and he was dehydrated and his urine aweful!…..
A week of antibiotics, neutered, and wet food and I FOUND My Prince! And what a sweety he is!
"Rodger" is now "Dakota Blue" and such a good kitty!
As you can see from his pictures, he is quite the Character! I still have my search on Petfinders, perhaps I can find him a buddy or girl-friend!
Happy ending for all! 🙂

Kitty’s Name: Dakota Blue
Name: Lori Freidhoff
Where: Northern Ky

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