To the Pet Owner Who Believes Your Pets Deserve the BEST Cleaning Solution:

“Give me 5 minutes, & you’ll walk away with a water filtration vacuum that actually deep cleans even “clean” homes!!!”

Really Clean Homes Don’t Just Happen…

They NEED the right tool!

Hyla EST Vacuum Cleaner

There are essential features every cleaning tool needs if

you actually expect to get the cleanliness you want!

Read on to see how you, too, can eliminate the hassle and

stress of finding the right cleaning tool and have a cleaner home for you and your pets!

With Results Like This,
It’s No Wonder Pet Owners Are RAVING About The Unique Approach to Water Filtration Cleaning!

“I love how it helps with the asthma in the house.” Katy

“I was shocked at the dirt and horrid stuff that came out of my sofa and bed during a demo. Yes, it’s a lot of money, but it’s working super well after almost two years. So much better than any traditional, with or without bag vacuum I ever had before.” Ede

“We love having a machine that eliminates the dust and dirt.” Noble & Diana

From: The Desk of Jenny, Pet Owner and Dirt Hater

Finding the right cleaning tool really sucks. Especially if you’re tired of struggling with ineffective vacuums, right?! And if you’re like most homeowners and pet owners I talk with, you want a cleaning solution that actually works…

…not spending all day battling dirt, dander, dust mites, and fleas!

Think about it.

Pet hair and dander: These are tiny, microscopic particles that pets shed. They can blanket your home and are too small to see with the naked eye.

Pet dander: As pets shed skin cells, this flakes off as dander, commonly found in pets with fur.

Ideal food source: Because pet dander is made of keratin, a protein also found in human skin and hair, it becomes a prime food source for dust mites. YUCK.

Here’s how the cycle works:

Pets shed skin cells: This creates a constant supply of dander on your floors, furniture, and bedding.

Dust mites feast: Dust mites readily consume the protein-rich pet dander particles.

Mite multiplication: Dust mites reproduce quickly in warm, humid environments, creating a larger mite population.

Allergen production: Dust mites don’t directly harm humans or pets. However, they release fecal matter and shed body parts as waste. These microscopic particles are the allergens that trigger allergic reactions.

Similar to humans, cats can be allergic to airborne allergens like pollen, dust mites (which feed on cat dander), mold, and even cigarette smoke. Symptoms may include sneezing, coughing, wheezing, itchy eyes, and irritated skin.

Flea allergies: This is the most common allergy in cats. Even a single flea bite can trigger an exaggerated immune response, causing intense itching and skin irritation. It’s a nightmare I know all too well.

So, while pet dander itself is harmless, it indirectly contributes to allergy problems by providing a plentiful food source for dust mites, the true culprits behind the allergic response.

Well, the reality is this:

If your current home doesn’t feel clean or your pets are dealing with allergies or allergic responses with the tools you have, it isn’t really clean!

Think about it! You don’t want a half-clean home, do you? NO! Of course not! So then why would you ever settle for a cleaning tool that doesn’t really get the job done?

Homes do NOT clean Themselves! 

So, if you’re doing this:

(Simply using your old vacuum continually, hoping it will magically clean your home) then…

I mean… has it worked so far? If you’re like most pet owners who come to me for advice, it’s very likely a “no.”

But this is all ok! Because when you’re fed up with subpar cleaning results, sometimes it’s as simple as finding the right tool!

And you will start seeing and feeling a cleaner home for you and your pets when you invest in a solution like…

the Hyla EST Water Vacuum!

During this cleaning process, harmful substances in the air are bound and the same air leaves our system cleaned to 99.9%

(Source: Dr. Drexler and Dr. Fecher – Institut für Analytik and Beratung – Certificate No. 010853)


“I love how it helps with the asthma in the house” Katy

“We love having a machine that eliminates the dust and dirt” Noble & Diana

The Right Vacuum Doesn’t Just Clean Your Carpets, it also:

  • Eliminates pet odors by cleaning the ambient air with the help of the water filter!
  • Protects the life of carpets, hard floors, and furniture for added longevity!
  • It is great for allergies by removing fine dust, gases, allergens, and mites during normal cleaning!
  • Super strong suction that is powered by water!
  • Water captures and contains particles rather than blowing them back into the air!
  • Cleans the ambient air with the help of the water filter! 
  • No need to use bags or filters due to its sleek design!
  • German-engineered for durability!
  • Ecological and economic benefits by avoiding unnecessary waste! 
  • Environmentally friendly materials!
  • The mental clarity and comfort that comes from knowing your home is clean and hygienic!
  • 10-year warranty! 
  •  Worldwide certified – With Best Product Worldwide and Most Innovative Brand!

2 Mistake Homeowners Keep Making with Their Vacuums

The #1 Mistake Homeowners Keep Making with Their Vacuums:

When homeowners aren’t getting the cleaning results they want, they overcompensate. They vacuum the same area repeatedly, hoping it will eventually get clean. And if you’re doing this, you risk overworking your vacuum and still not achieving the desired cleanliness.

And you already know that a poorly maintained vacuum does NOT clean effectively.

When you overuse your vacuum without proper maintenance, you’re not just wasting time—you’re also putting unnecessary strain on your machine. This can lead to decreased suction power, damaged components, and ultimately, a vacuum that fails to pick up dirt and debris effectively.

But that’s not the worst part.

A poorly maintained vacuum can also lead to a buildup of dust and allergens in your home. This means you’re not just failing to clean; you might actually be making your environment less healthy for your and your pets who live so close to the ground. Think about the dust mites, pet dander, and microscopic particles that are recirculating in the air every time you vacuum without proper upkeep.

But your home, pets and floors DESERVE thorough cleaning!

Mistake #2 Cleaning with a Vacuum That Lacks Strong Suction

Imagine spending hours vacuuming your home, only to realize it’s still not clean. The culprit? Weak suction.

A vacuum that lacks strong suction power is a common mistake many homeowners make. Without sufficient suction, your vacuum cannot effectively lift dirt, dust, and debris from your floors and carpets. This means you’re left with a home that looks clean on the surface but is actually full of hidden grime.

Here’s what happens when you use a vacuum with weak suction:

  1. Ineffective Cleaning: Dirt and debris are left behind, no matter how many times you go over the same spot.
  2. Wasted Time and Effort: You spend more time cleaning without getting better results.
  3. Increased Wear and Tear: Straining a weak vacuum can cause it to break down faster, leading to costly repairs or replacements.
  4. Build Up: Mites and allergen-causing particles build up and your pets continue to be affected.

And the consequences don’t stop there. A vacuum with weak suction can also contribute to poor indoor air quality. Dust, allergens, and pet dander are not properly captured, so they remain in your home, potentially causing respiratory issues and allergies for your pets.

Your home deserves a vacuum with powerful suction that ensures a deep, thorough clean.

You Aren’t Just a Pet Owner…

You Are a Home Care Boss!

Your home NEEDS efficient cleaning. Your pets and your peace of mind DESERVE it!

How else do you expect to enjoy your home and your pets if you can’t effectively clean it?!

But when you keep “outsourcing” this important task to ineffective tools, your home never GETS clean!

What happens when it doesn’t eliminate the pet hair or dander?

Or it just spreads the allergens around?

What then? It’s back to square one… minus the wasted money.

But when you CHOOSE and USE the HYLA EST, you take control of your home cleanliness!


The Revolutionary Hyla EST Water Filtration Vacuum

The Ultimate Solution for a Cleaner, Healthier Home for your pet and you… 

The HYLA EST can achieve indoors what nature does outdoors — purifying the air with water for self-cleansing. 

  • Pure Power and Design
    The Hyla EST isn’t just a vacuum—it’s a powerhouse. With its motor unit delivering a maximum power consumption of only 730 watts, you’re getting an unbeatable suction capacity of 2.5 m³/min. That means more dirt out of your home and into the water pan, where it belongs.
  • Water Filtration Magic
    Forget clogged paper filters that let dust escape. The Hyla EST uses water to bind dirt and dust, ensuring nothing gets back into your air. It operates without any of those pesky paper filters, which means the performance stays consistent, and you save energy. Every time you clean, you’re using the full 730 watts of power effectively.

Mobility and Convenience

  • Effortless Mobility
    Eight wheels, protective rubber edging, and a design that follows you around seamlessly—you’ll hardly notice it’s there. The trolley unit ensures your Hyla EST is always within reach, ready to tackle any mess.

Cutting-Edge Technology

  • The Hyla Defender
    The new Hyla Defender technology takes filtration to the next level. Dust particles get trapped by a Geyser effect, and the innovative DEFENDER blades break down water droplets to create a barrier that captures dust before it even reaches the main filter. Your home’s air stays cleaner, and you breathe easier.

Health and Well-being

  • Comprehensive Cleaning
    The Hyla EST doesn’t just clean your floors; it purifies your air. It removes fine dust, allergens, and mites, leaving your home smelling fresh. No more lingering odors—just a clean, healthy environment for your pets and you.
  • Eco-friendly and Cost-effective
    No more buying bags or filters. The Hyla EST is designed to be economical and environmentally friendly. With no filters to clog, it always operates at peak performance, saving you money on electricity while reducing household dust.

…because your home (and your pet’s health) deserve the best!

5 Things I LOVE about my vacuum.
“After 15 minutes of vacuuming, I’m not used to this kind of vacuuming (canister style instead of upright). Look at that nastiness—disgusting! You take this out and dump it in the toilet. Unlike the Rainbow, which requires filter replacement, the Hila’s filter doesn’t need replacing. Gross!

This gives you an idea of what was in my carpets after just 15 minutes. Tonight, I’ll tackle the second floor. Disgusting!”

SEE what’s waiting for you once you bring the cutting-edge technology of the Hyla EST into your home…


  • Pure Power and Design: Experience maximum power with a consumption of only 730 watts.
  • Unmatched Suction Capacity: With a suction capacity of 2.5 m³/min, the Hyla leads the race in performance and ecological efficiency.


  • Superior Filtration: Water binds dirt, preventing dust from escaping back into the air.
  • No Clogged Filters: Operates without paper filters, ensuring consistent performance and energy efficiency.
  • Always Breathes Freely: The water filter keeps the vacuum running at peak performance with minimal power consumption.


  • Effortless Mobility: Eight wheels and integrated protective rubber edging allow the Hyla to follow you smoothly and protect your furniture and walls.
  • Reliable Companion: Designed to loyally follow you around your home without effort.


  • Innovative Filtration Technology: The Geyser effect creates optimal filtration conditions by mixing droplets and dust particles around the Separator.
  • Enhanced Dust Capture: The new DEFENDER blades create a shield of microdroplets, capturing most dust particles before they reach the Defender.


  • Comprehensive Cleaning: Removes fine dust, gases, allergens, and mites during regular cleaning.
  • Air Purification: Cleans ambient air with a water filter, ensuring a fresh fragrance in your home.
  • Ecological and Economical: No need for bags or filters, reducing waste and saving costs.
  • Consistent Performance: Maintains full suction power at all times, even with minimal power consumption.
  • Efficient Air Cleaning Mode: Uses as little as 200 watts, reducing household dust by up to 80% and saving on electricity costs.
  • Comfortable Living: Enjoy a cleaner, healthier home environment with the Hyla EST.

Standard Attachments Included:


  • Ensures easy maneuverability and reach during cleaning.


  • Durable and robust for long-lasting performance.


  • Versatile brush for various surfaces and cleaning needs.


  • Specifically designed for cleaning clothes and upholstery.


  • Gentle yet effective for dusting and cleaning furniture.


  • Adaptable nozzles for different cleaning scenarios.


  • Perfect for reaching tight spaces and providing additional cleaning options.

Unboxing Video – Everything Included
“I sold rainbows for 35 years. I switched to HYLA because it has NO filter and a self-cleaning separator. It is absolutely Maintenance free. It is more powerful and much easier to clean. It is the only medically certified air and room cleaner worldwide. You will not regret your decision to own an HYLA!”
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The weight is the issue but it will last you FOREVER! We’ve had ours for over 11 years. Nothing cleans like it

Unbelievable Results

“I love my Hyla vac! This is my second one. I think they clean sooooo well and so handy to clean up a mess on the carpet.”
Love our Hyla! We live on a farm, gravel roads, it cleans wood blinds too!!
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5-star Review


5-star Review

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