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Meet Huxley!
Huxley is our beautiful Blue Bicolor boy who celebrated his first birthday on January 2, 2012! My husband and I adopted him in November from LuvleeDolls, a small (and amazing!) Ragdoll cattery on Long Island. Huxley is our second Ragdoll from LuvleeDolls and we highly recommend them. They truly love the breed (and every single one of their cats) and they are committed to producing beautiful, healthy cats with the perfect Ragdoll temperament.
The Sweet Gentleman
The Sweet Gentleman
Our Huxley is a perfect example of their wonderful breeding. He is the sweetest most loyal friend you could ask for. We call him our “Sweet Gentleman.” He is also a wonderful big brother. He is very patient and protective of his little half-brother, Gatsby.
Brothers Playing in a Box
Brothers Playing in a Box
Huxley is a great companion. He follows me all over the house. He is curled up right next me as I write this. He loves being rubbed, but also enjoys just being near his brother and human “parents.” He is also a music lover and likes to listen to me sing around the house. Sometimes he even joins in! Huxley is practically perfect in every way and leaves all the hijinx and misbehaving to his baby brother.
Napping After 1st Thanksgiving Feast
Napping After 1st Thanksgiving Feast
Huxleys Cabin
Huxley’s Cabin
Huxley’s all time favorite things are: Huxley Dislikes:
  • Getting his nails clipped
  • Having his teeth brushed
  • Loud Noises
Huxley’s Trademark Moves: Huxley has two specialties when it comes to interacting with his human parents. He is a spectacular alarm clock. About 5-10 min before your actual alarm clock is set to go off he will climb onto your chest and start kneading you awake with his paws. It’s adorable and a much better way to wake up than a blaring alarm. Huxley’s other talent is giving hugs! If you are laying down he will walk up to you and wrap both his front paws around you and join you for a snuggle. He is truly precious.
What’s in a Name
My husband and I felt that our Ragdolls should have a distinguished gentlemanly name to match their regal look. We named our first cat Gatsby because he’s a spunky little kitten with a naughty side. We chose the name Huxley because it sounded just as gentlemanly and also because it fit the same literary time period and I liked the idea of having ‘Art Deco’ cats. Gatsby & Huxley’s Facebook Page Huxley’s Portrait
Portrait of Huxley by Vera Gaskari
Portrait of Huxley
Baby Huxley
Baby Huxley in Cat Tree
Baby Huxley in Cat Tree
We adopted Huxley when he was 10 months old, so he spent most of his first year at LuvleeDolls Cattery where he was loved and socialized beautifully. The wonderful Lisa Sullo of LuvleeDolls was kind enough to send me some of Huxley’s baby photos. He is so cute! We simply adore our Sweet Gentleman, Huxley. He completes our little family perfectly. Christine & Andrew Astoria, New York
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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Pleasure to meet Mr. Huxley! He is a very beautiful blue bicolor boy. Love to hear how he gives you hugs! Ragdolls are the most amazing cats. : )

  2. Alex Milo says:

    What a beautiful tribute to a gorgeous creature! Well done!!

    @Bill–loved your note and completely agree. Perhaps you should consider taking a cue from blues artists and adding an adjective to your name, e.g., Bodacious Bill, Dollar Bill, Boise Bill … 🙂

  3. bill slusser says:

    Gatsby’s a good name. I have a ferret name Maximus. And, a deceased ferret named : Little-man. Once you have a really good name for a pet, it’s really tempting to name another one by the same name because you just like the name so much on the animal you love. For instance, my name is Bill. Dry. Bland. Who cares about another “bill.” It’s the last thing anyone wants to see because they come in the mail and you don’t wanna see it.

    Compare “Bill” to “James” or “Thomas” or anything with 2 ( two ) real syllables. I am embarrassed anywhere I go to have to say I have a bad first name that nobody wants. I am less attractive to people ( believe it or not ) I am considered less attractive to people because of that 1 syllable or cheap two syllable ( billy ) name.

    Say were a woman. Let’s compare the names “Amy” to “Brett.” Who do you think is more attractive ? Brett sounds like a guys name, so what would a girl be doing with that name ? Obviously, you’d expect her to be extremely attractive, well mannered, and head strong.

    I guess what I’m saying is people are discriminated against for having bad first names. Bad first names, can cost you a job. A really important job and prestige.

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