How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas: Watch This Cat Get Wrapped Like a Christmas Present

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Watch Caymus Get Wrapped like a Christmas Present

There’s a video that’s been on YouTube for some time about how to wrap a cat for Christmas.  So two years ago, my sister and I attempted to re-create it with Caymus.  Caymus is my parents 12-year old Ragdoll cat, and he is super easy going if he is in his natural surroundings with no strangers.  So he seemed like the best fit to try it out on.  Also, it just so happens that I have been asking my mom to gift him to me for years – thought this might help her know how to give him to me.

Please know I wouldn’t do this with just any cat – for example, Murphy, who Caymus lives with could not handle this.  Charlie and Trigg might put up with it, depending on their mood.  This is not something I am suggesting you do with your cat – it depends on the cat and the person.  And I do think Caymus enjoyed the attention and interaction – and he was not hurt in the making of this video.  Wrapping Caymus is very reminiscent of things I did with Rags when I was a little girl.

Rags (the cat I grew up with and the reason for this website) and his brother Cosby were “wrapped” for us for Christmas when we first got them in 1989.  My mom had taken one of those boxes used to hold reams of computer paper and wrapped the top of the box and the bottom of the box.  She then presented us with the box, and we could take the lid off without having to unwrap the box.

Have you ever wrapped your cat?  Why or why not?


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  1. Such a precious and delightful video to watch, Jenny!

    Wishing you, your wonderful family, all the Floppycatters and their wonderful families (and by family/families I mean adored human AND beloved furry members!) a VERY MEOWY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

    Big purry hugs and Christmas cuddles!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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