How to Use Pine Pellet Litter (Arm and Hammer Feline Pine)

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

How to Use Pine Pellet Litter (Arm and Hammer Feline Pine)

Guest post by reader, George Ruwisch (or you can download the PDF George made here: Pine.Litter.Process)

How to Use Pine Pellet Litter 1a

Begin with fresh litter Feline Pine Original Cat Litter (notice I use the Jenny highly recommended cement tub)

How to Use Pine Pellet Litter 1

24 hours later with two Ragdoll kittens, notice how many of the pellets have turned to sawdust.  I have my nose less than 6 inches from the litter and smell absolutely NO urine odor.

How to Use Pine Pellet Litter 3 group

Dig around and remove feces.

How to Use Pine Pellet Litter 3 group

Push all litter to one side.

How to Use Pine Pellet Litter 5 group

Use a standard scoop and sift small portions over trash can.  This gets rid of urine sawdust.

How to Use Pine Pellet Litter 5 group

Dump sifted litter into empty side of box.

How to Use Pine Pellet Litter 7 group

Repeat sifting until all litter has been sifted.  You may run into some missed feces during this step.  When you get to the end you can scoop the rest directly into the can.

Replace used litter with clean litter (use separate scoop for this part.  I keep my litter in a large dog food container for convenience.)

How to Use Pine Pellet Litter 12

Ragdoll Cats Jazzy and Blue Man

My blue mitted Ragdolls, Jazzy and Blue Man, at 1 year old.  Breeder and person who started me on pine litter is Ms. Maria Grimm of the Purrfect Cattery.

Buy Feline Pine litter on Amazon.

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5 thoughts on “How to Use Pine Pellet Litter (Arm and Hammer Feline Pine)

  1. Shari says:

    I have the Breeze litter box for the 2 ragdolls I got last fall. I like the pelleted litter as it does not track all over and my house no longer feels “sandy”. I often use stove pellets as many articles recommend. I like that with the breeze, the saw dust goes through the grates and is easy to remove from the box. I use 1/2 puppy pad in the bottom of the tray to absorb the urine. I only need to change the pad monthly and solids are easy to scoop out on a daily, or as needed, basis. I add litter and only totally dismantle the box and refill about once every 3 weeks. Drawback? The Breeze really isn’t big enough for a ragdoll cat. We are looking into alternatives. I, too, will be anxious to read and maybe gain some pointers on the breeze. Thanks for the article on pellets!!

  2. Patti Johnson says:

    Thanks for posting George’s great info and instructions, Jenny!

    Hey, George, thank you so much for great detailed instructions and the beautiful photos of your babies. Jazzy and Blue Man are GORGEOUS and look very healthy and happy!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  3. Christy says:

    Thanks George – that was a lot of work you put into this!

    Jenny asked me to do write something about the Tidy Cat Breeze system and now you’ve set the bar really high!!

    Do you have an issue with the sawdust and/or pellets sticking to their feet and being tracked around the house?

    Jazzy and Blue Man are SO cute – or should I say handsome (but seriously so cuddly and delicious!!).

    • gruwisch says:

      Hi Christy,

      Thank you for the question and the nice comments on our babies. I have never noticed sawdust more than a few feet from the litter box. We had it on carpet for the first year and would need to vacuum the area every couple of weeks but nothing significant. The little bit that does get out does not grind its way into the carpet and vacuums up very easily and there is no urine odor. The sawdust actually seems to “dry” very quickly so it is not “sticky”. Daily cleaning is the key as it it with any system. If we find pellets outside the box, it is because they got kicked out. They are very light.

      To be quite honest, I was so impressed with the performance of this product (most notably urine odor suppression) over years of using scoopables, if there were drawbacks, I really have not noticed any.


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