How to Use a Google Alert to Find a Rescue Ragdoll or a Kitten

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Google Alerts LogoWe all know about Google, but have you heard of Google Alerts?  Google Alerts are search engine “alerts” you manually set up and then have delivered to your inbox.

For example, I have a Google Alert set up for every time “Ragdoll Cat” appears on the Internet.  So, every time a new page on the Internet goes up and the word, “Ragdoll Cat” appears, Google sends me an email letting me know where it happened.

I also have alerts for “Floppycats” so I can monitor when those show up.  I even added the address of the home I grew up in to see when it was on the market.

You can start any Google alert by going here:

If you are looking for a rescue Ragdoll or a specific Ragdoll kitten color pattern, Google Alerts are a great way to find what you’re looking for.  However, you have to be strategic in how you set them up.

Ideally, it would be nice if you could enter “a male kitten a seal mitted ragdoll with a blaze” but in order for such an alert to yield results, a breeder would have to list their kitten on their website just like that.

It’s doubtful that will happen.  They usually name their available kittens, something like “Kevin”.  For example, see how Charlie and Trigg’s breeder lists them or how Caymus and Murphy’s breeder lists them.

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To set up your current alert, first find current listings on breeder’s websites and see how they “name” them.  Then make those your Google Alerts.

It would be ideal for search engine purposes for Breeders to identify their kittens on their page like, “seal mitted ragdoll kitten with a blaze” for a number of reasons – including Google alerts, but it doesn’t really work that way.

Another way to approach it and probably a better way is to narrow down the breeders you’re interested in (because they are good breeders, have health guarantees, etc) and then reach out to them and let them know what you’re looking for.  Then be sure to follow their sites – that’s what I did and what I continue to do.

As far as a rescue – I would set up alerts that not only include the breed and the word “Rescue” but also the nearby major city.  So for me, I might try these keywords for the alerts:

  • Ragdoll Rescue Kansas City
  • Ragdoll Rehoming Kansas City
  • Ragdoll Shelter Kansas City

Does that make sense?  Do you have any questions on how Google alerts work?
Have you used a Google alert to help you find a cat?  If so, what did you do?

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  1. Great idea! I use Google alerts to follow news stories I’m interested in, but never thought about using them to check on houses, etc! I’d love to know if/when my childhood home goes up for sale, so will add that one!

  2. I have Google Alerts set up for recalls on every brand of cat food that Rocky & Lucky eat. There have been so many recalls in the past year! Makes me feel safer to know that I’ll be alerted to any recall of their foods. (I constantly see recalls for Iams & Royal Canin…the kitten foods that Lucky was eating when I got him.)
    Easy to set up: recall+brand name+cat food

      1. Jenny, probably either one would work. I used “Iams + cat food +recall” ….not tech savvy enough to know if those ++s are needed! It does work really well! I been alerted to return food I was feeding them. Store gave me full refund on recalled bags, even when the bag was largely gone!

      2. ha ha ! neither am i! that’s what i was asking – i will change up a few of mine that don’t yield results and see if that’s the ticket – thank you!

  3. Thanks for the great info Jenny. Know this will be very helpful. Wish I had something like that when I was looking 2 years ago! Makes things so easy. Also, that is a great idea about the pet food recall and am putting that on mine right MEOW!!!!

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