How to Train a Cat to Let You Clip Their Nails

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One of our YouTube subscribers shared this video with me of her trimming her cat’s claws.  I was amazed by how the cat was, so I asked her if she trained her and she said she did.  This is how she did it – love it.

“When I first started, I waited until she was asleep and did it then. If she woke up, I’d just wait until she calmed down; I massaged her paws and pet her, she’d fall back asleep, and I’d continue.. After a while of that, I’d wait until she was just laying around, not necessarily sleeping. I’d pet her and massage her paws after each clip and she slowly figured out that I wasn’t trying to hurt her. Now she lets me whenever I want! :D”


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  1. Great idea. I adopted my cats as adults so it was too late to do this. If I even touch their paws they get “cat”otonic. So I hold them while my hubby clips them. They squirm and squawk, but we get the job done. Next cats I adopt, first thing I will do is this technique…if I can.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been wondering how I was going to manage to cllip nails on two very active kittens. This should do the trick! I appreciate all the tips. 🙂

  3. yeah it takes time and patience. and if you start when they are babies it helps too. none of mine like getting their nails clipped. one will let me but he protests, the other two.. i have to get them when they are asleep and then i can still only do maybe two before they get up and leave. it always cracks me up though when you take them to the vet and they clip their nails they just sit there! the wonders of kitties!

  4. This was a great post! Very helpful with a new kitten!
    I do have a question on a different topic. What is your opinion of coconut products in cat shampoo. Is it harmful to my cats?
    I appreciate all you do to help us care for our sweet cats!

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