How to Start a Website About Your Cat

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Caymus was founded by the simple question of how to start a website. Well, maybe not exactly. After all, we knew we wanted to make a website about Ragdolls because we loved them so. Yet the challenge was knowing how to start a website.

We looked at a number of options, including taking classes from a local community college. And we did so! However, we decided we wanted to focus more on content and Ragdoll stories, cat health, Ragdoll kitten care, etc. before we got into making the site pretty. And learning how to make the site pretty was holding us up, we just wanted to know how to start a website. So, we thought we’d look at template based website building programs. However, none seemed to address the keyword importance we had read about on Google for several months, yet there were a number that showed us how to start a website. We just wanted one that showed us how to start a website and then a little more!

We didn’t pick the best platform in the beginning, but we eventually were lead to WordPress and found out how easy it was to have a website set up through Ninja Blog Setup.

Our goal wasn’t to make money on the site, but rather to just break even so that could stay online forever. Through The Blog Mastermind Coaching Program and the very helpful forums, we were able to figure out funding to start a website.  We also use an awesome keyword tool, Wordtracker to find out what words people were searching for along with “Ragdoll Cat”.

We just knew that we want to make a great website all about Ragdoll cats and general cat well-being and health care, for; after all, we love cats!

While we love cats, we know other people know more than we do about certain topics and have a lot to offer to the World Wide Web, so we decided to include this page on the site to offer the Ninja Blog Setup option to others who are thinking like we did, “Hey! I could do that! I want to do that!” We’re having a blast doing this and want to share the fun.

We’re always happy to help you in any way that we can too!

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Are You A Breeder?  Need To Revamp Your Site?

Perhaps you are breeder and looking to spice up your site, perhaps you don’t need to know how to start a website. You just need to make yours better! 

Ninja Blog Setup has great options for you, including an e-mail list that they set-up for you and all you have to do is send out the information! You don’t worry about people signing up, because they sign up based on where you’ve placed the sign up box on your site.

You can tell them about Ragdoll kittens for sale, or about available adults or upcoming litters.

Ninja Blog Setup can also set up a page where previous clients can post their current stories and photos – adding loads of content to your site.  Being able to read stories is always fun for people getting ready to adopt your kittens, as they know they will be able to share their kitty’s story long after she or he leaves the cattery.

You can even have a payment key on your site, so that people can pay the deposit right on your site.

Are You A Rescue?

Maybe you are a Rescue that wants to introduce the World Wide Web to your program. Again, you can use an e-mail list to notify people of available cats – and they can stay on the list until they find the kitty they are looking for.

You could have a sign-up page for people that are willing to foster kittens to help you out as well.

And even have pages where rescued parents can write about their experience to make your site more interactive. Whatever your interest Ninja Blog Setup can help you achieve your goals for a great website.

If you’re still not sure if you want to go the Ninja Blog Setup route, that’s okay. You can always contact us about how to start a website with your questions. You can also watch training videos and set it up all by yourself through Ninja Blog University.

You’ll Need a Hip Logo for Your Site!

Image is every thing when you think of how to start a website. Think about the logos you know, like Apple, Coca Cola, and Sony. These companies have worked hard to emotionally brand their companies and websites and you will want to do the same. can come up with several options for you. They also do business cards and much more. They are cheap too – just $27 for a logo!

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  1. I just needed to say that I found your blog via Goolge and I am glad I did. Keep up the good work and I will make sure to bookmark you for when I have more free time away from the books. Thanks again!

  2. I found your blog by google as well. and I had made a tumblr to post about my ragdoll kittens, but after being told by many friends how wordpress is better, and reading it here as well, I just made the switch and I am still learning my way around there.

    I loved your website. As soon as I learn how to put a link on wordpress, I will link to you!

  3. I just bought a domain today through WordPress. I will still see how I will do, but I guess I will end up using ninja blog setup as you suggested. We will see. I am taking baby steps.
    1. make the blog. check
    2. turn blog into website. check
    3. make logo for website.

    now I am searching what will be the logo for the website, after this is done I will focus more on the template. it is also expensive to build a website (the pro option with ninja blog costs more than 400 USD!), specially if you don’t want to get money out of it, like me.
    But thank you so much for the tips, they are helping a lot.

    1. Unfortunately if you bought your hosting through Ninja Blog Setup he will set up your blog for free.

      Go with LogoNerds, but I would suggest having an idea of what you want. If you want your kitties to be in the logo, be sure to have crystal clear photos without a lot of background to send to them.

      Let me know what else I can help with!

  4. Hi, sorry to disturb again, i wanted to ask if your website is at or

    I am having some problems to find out how to transform the site into a “proper website” with banner on top, search function and other links on the side, so on so forth. i can only find the free themes of wordpress, or paid ones that i don’t like and don’t think I could edit.

    Sorry again for asking so much, it is really nice to have someone that went through all that before that is willing to help.

    1. Don’t apologize for the questions. I am on whatever one that allows you to have your own domain – cannot remember which. Shawn at Ninja Blog Setup set it all up for me, as technical stuff drives me nuts. Have you bought a hosting plan? If not, then just buy it through that free link, so that you can get Shawn to hook you up!

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