How to Make Cat Food

Post Published on February 14, 2010 | Last Updated on July 15, 2021 by Jenny

Palace Ragdoll Kitten Eating Raw Food

It might be important to understand how to make cat food, not only for your pocket book, but also for your cat!

Not even the best canned cat food will live up to making cat food from scratch for you cat. In fact, be sure to check out our natural cat food recipes

Cats are obligate carnivores and the corn gluten meal that is found in most cat food doesn’t compare to meat protein that a feline needs.

With that said a raw food diet is a controversial subject and everyone has their own opinion and must do what they feel comfortable with for their pets. Nonetheless, as with anything, in order to make an educated decision about something, you must first be informed.

A raw food diet has been known to eliminate or reduce the risks of chronic diseases. And therefore that’s the main long term benefit which far outweighs the risk of Salmonella.

Kittens and cats fed a raw food diet have success with being healthy, large and with beautiful teeth. Furthermore, it’s been reported that they have no litter box odor, less shedding and gorgeous coats. There are little to no hairballs and less vomiting too.

Even some of the holistic cat food brands add their own fillers. Vegetables aren’t necessary for carnivores because the meat they are eating, whether it’s chicken or beef or what have you, eat vegetables to get that muscle. Companies use marketing ploys saying that corn, cranberries, etc. are nutritious and needed because they don’t want to say that it is a filler.

If you think about what a cat eats in nature then you know that it’s all meat, no vegetables. In fact, if they are fending for themselves, it might be a squirrel, a bird, a mouse or a chipmunk for food. They don’t go into a vegetable garden and start eating the tomatoes like a squirrel would.

Unfortunately, the major vet school research programs are funded by big name cat food companies like Royal Canin, Purina and Hills. Therefore, it is sometimes hard to trust that the results are unbiased.

Many pet food companies make food with 4D quality meat that has no resemblance to the food that felines have evolved consuming. Many cats end up with kidney disease or diabetes due to the carbohydrates and what not that are found in cat food that aren’t found in their regular diet. It is somewhat ironic that there is prescription vet food to take care of these problems, including calorie control foods.

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5 thoughts on “How to Make Cat Food

    • Jenny says:

      The resources are listed within the blog post – everyone’s decision on what kind of food they want to give their cats is different. I cannot make that decision for you.

      • whatsername says:

        I think the person means they were expecting to find a recipe under the title “how to make cat food” as was I. This is good info, but the title is a bit misleading, this is more about how to choose cat food, not how to make it.

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