How to Make a High Sided Litter Box – DIY High Sided Litter Box

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There is an older post on this site, Litter Boxes for High Spraying Cats, and I recently ran it again and re-posted it on our social media channels.  One reader, Jessica, saw the post and shared with me, her DIY high sided litterbox in the comments of that post.  I wrote her and asked if she would let me share a photo of her DIY creation here on Floppycats (on the Litter Boxes for High Spraying Cats post), but she ended up sending in more detailed photos and instructions, so I thought it warranted it’s own post.  Thank you, Jessica!

You had asked me for pictures about my high sided litter box.

I use a Sterilite 66qt container for the box itself. Other supplies are: a magazine, a permanent marker, and a wood burning tool (be very careful with this)

Litter Boxes for High Spraying Cats IMG_0334

I use the magazine as a template and trace it on the side of the box. You don’t have to use a magazine-you can draw whatever shape or size pattern you want to cut out. Just don’t make it too low otherwise the cats will kick all the litter out.

High Sided Litter Boxes IMG_0335

I found that trying to cut out the side to make the hole to hard or that the plastic would crack. I went to Lowe’s and bought a wood burning kit for about $15. Once it is hot (and it gets VERY hot so be careful not to burn yourself or set it down on anything flammable), I use it to trace the outlines I drew. It melts the plastic. It takes a couple of minutes to complete this step. Go slow and carefully to get a straighter line.

how to make a high sided litter box IMG_0336
Once you have melted through all 3 sides, you can remove the piece you wants to cut out. You may have a couple of sharp edges in the melted plastic. I just run the edge of the tool along them to smooth them out. When you’re done with the tool, unplug it and put it somewhere it can’t burn anything or anyone. I tend to put mine in my garage on the concrete floor to be safe.

litter box for high peeing cat IMG_0337

Below are a couple of pictures of Wyatt of @willa_and_wyatt checking out the finished product!

best litter box IMG_0338Litter Boxes for High Spraying Cats IMG_0340

I hope this helps out others! I started doing this when a cat I had at one time had bad arthritis so he could get in the box. It’s also great for kittens!

Have you ever created your own litterbox?  Do you think you might try this one that Jessica made?


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      1. Very cool Jenny!!! I may have to DIY a box for young Master FLUFFY because he LOVES scratching around in his litter box and he sends the litter FLYING everywhere…

        I’ve never discouraged him from doing this because I want him to be happy and content with his litter box…

        Love to you, Chiggy & Charlie
        from Pam & the FLUFFY xoxox

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