How To Litter Train Your Cat

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Ever catch your cat going to the bathroom in one of your indoor potted plants?   Cats are naturally attracted to the soft, moist earth in the pot, but a litter box is just as good as a pot of soil.

If your cat is new to the home, and you’re looking to train him, there is a simple way how to litter train cats.  Here are some tips for you and your cat, how to litter train cats:

  1. Location Make sure the litter box is in an accessible and appropriate place.  Do not place the box near the cat’s eating or sleeping places, as cats do not like to soil in these areas.   If there is more than one cat in your home, place two or three boxes throughout the house.
  2. Reward your cat for using his litter box.  To help predict when your cat will use the box, feed him at regular times everyday.  After feeding and playing with your cat for about 15 minutes, call him to his litter box.  When he arrives at the box, scratch the litter to get him interested.  Similarly, after your cat has been asleep for several hours, call him to his litter box again.  Praise your cat when he hops into the litter box, even if he does not do his business, he is still learning that the litter box is where he should go.
  3. Clean your box cat litter train.  If you have a litter box, but your cat doesn’t use it as often as he should, then make sure that you’re cleaning the litter as often as possible–kitties don’t like dirty litter boxes.   Also provide your cat with fresh litter, to make the box a more comfortable and appealing place to do his business.

If you follow these steps, you should see progress from your kitty within no time.

If you’d like additional information about how to litter train your cat, be sure to check out How To Litter-box Train Your New Cat.

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  1. This is helpful and informative! I never made the connection about cats preferring soft areas since they do their business outside on soil, that makes perfect sense after thinking about it and realizing that fact. My roommate’s cat uses his litter box well but whenever my roommate has her papasan cushion out in the living room, he likes to urinate on it for some reason. Possibly marking it. Other than that though, he only does his business where he is supposed to, in his litter box.

  2. I had an “ah ha” moment with this post. Many people assume and believe there is no litter box training necessary. Some kittens DO instinctively know the routine, especially if other cats are around as teachers. But some households need to guide their kittens or newly adopted cats where the box is and how to use. Thank you for these tips!

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