How to Give a B12 Shot to a Ragdoll Cat

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I took this video during Ragdoll cat Caymus’ most recent visit to the vet. Our all cat vet has suggested that my mom give her 15-year old Ragdoll cats, B12 injections once a week due to their early stage renal failure.

10 years ago, I gave Rags B12 shots behind his neck – and now they suggest behind the hind leg for quicker absorption. The vet does it very slowly, so my mom could record how to do it and learn how.

This is my parents’ 15-year old seal mitted Ragdoll cat, Caymus, in the video – he is incredible at the vet, as you can see.

Have you ever given your cat a B12 shot?


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      1. No, luckily, I haven’t. Too bad Sweet Teresa isn’t commenting anymore as I know Miss Mari (Mariposa) had renal dysfunction she was treating a few years ago. I hope & pray Sweet T is okay and that Miss Mari is still responding well to her treatment. <3 <3 <3

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