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WhiskasThis Ragdoll cat in Austrialia has been entered in the online Whiskas competition – you can win $10,000 and see your cat on Whiskas’ Oh So…

As covered on The Border Mail, Buddy, a Ragdoll cat, has been entered in the Whiskas competition following the fact that his mom, Angie Jones, happened upon it while surfing the net. 

Do you want to check out all the entries for the Whiskas competition?  If so, you can check them out here.

Jones reports that if she wins the compeition, she will donate 70% of the earnings to a dog rescue.  Wonder what she will do with the remaining 30%?

What would you do with the money if you won?

Does your kitty eat Whiskas?  Are you in Australia?   Share your floppy cats stories with other readers.

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