How Do Your Cats React to Hot Weather?

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Does Your Cat Like Hot Weather?

We live in the Midwestern USA, which can get pretty hot and humid in the later summer months of July and August.  I filmed this video the other day of Charlie outside in our 100 degree weather (100 ° F is equivalent to 37.7 ° C).  Charlie really slows down in the hot and humid weather.  He loses a lot of weight too because he has no appetite.  Chiggy on the other hand is OK with it – slows down, but his weight doesn’t change and he is totally find being outside for some time.

Of course, if I didn’t let them outside, it would still affect them inside.  I do keep my house at the same temperature all year around, but Charlie still loses weight every summer.

Do your cats react to the weather?


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  1. Lovely video! Poor Charlie! The heat (WHICH I HATES THE MOSTIEST!) slows me down, too, but I don’t seem to lose any weight! Darnit! lol 🙂

    We live in midwest, too, Jenny, and I keep our apartment at a nice 68 degrees all year long if I can… During the extremely hot and humid days of the Kansas Summer, our poor little A/C can’t keep up with the heat (on those days when the temps and heat indexes reach 100 degrees or higher) and the temperature in the apartment rises to 70-74 degrees. I can feel that rise immediately (as I’m extremely sensitive to warmer temps) but Miss PSB seems unaffected by it. She’s strictly an indoor Princess. 🙂

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    P.S. You and are are Weather Opposites, Jenny. You dig the hot weather and I relish the cold weather! 🙂

  2. Oddly, my Raggies Giorgio and Madeline, seem to love the heat! We own a home with three floors in Brooklyn, NY, and the hallways are not specifically air conditioned. The top floor is hot as heck on these 90+ humid summer days and this is where they prefer to sleep during the day. I literally have to fight with them to get them inside my cool apartment when I am going out (I don’t leave them outside of our apt. since we have a tenant upstairs who even tho she loves them I wouldn’t trust anyone to not mistakenly let them outdoors). They sleep like they are lounging on the beach!! I cannot imagine why, with all their hair, they’d prefer the warmer spots. They are eating the same amount, I think, but probably drinking a bit more water because the PawNosh in my bedroom (where they prefer to drink water) is nearly empty every night. Weird, but it seems normal for them.

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