How Do Your Cats Play?

When I was growing up, we only had Rags, so I wasn’t aware of how cats played together until my parents got Caymus and Murphy.  It was hysterical to watch them play and sometimes I wondered if they were fighting because I hadn’t seen dogs play like that – of course, I was raised with German Shepherds and not small dogs, so I don’t know if small dogs end up rolling around with one another like cats do or not.

Charlie and Trigg play often and when they were at my parents’ house for 2 weeks last year when I had found a stray and needed to find him a home, my dad would report how funny Trigg and Charlie were when they played.  Charlie is very vocal and Trigg is always giving Charlie the arched side view to appear very large, although he weighs 3 lbs. lighter than Charlie.  Curious to know if this is common Ragdoll cat behavior.

Check out these Radgoll cat videos below that I snapped – the first video was taken on January 20, 2011 and the second one on March 14, 2011 – please note that in the second one – I have a lot of containers in my basement – doing a little selling on eBay right now and trying to stay organized.

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9 thoughts on “How Do Your Cats Play?

  1. Jenny says:

    I have a 5yr old ragdoll and I decided to get him a friend. So, I brought home a ragdoll kitten. He was not happy AT ALL when he met the new little guy. It took a long time for him to come around and accept the kitten. Now, I’m relieved to know that when they do interact (just like Trigg and Charlie) it’s play and not fighting…I do hear a hiss or two from the big guy once in a while but otherwise they play the same! I was concerned they were fighting so thanks for sharing!!!

    • Jenny says:

      Yay! I am glad they are getting along now – how come you’re not sharing them as Ragdoll of the Week?

      There is a whole long process to introducing cats – here’s an article on How to Introduce Cats. You can have some severe consequences sometimes (like peeing and pooping all over your house) if it is not done correctly…so, I’m glad it worked out for you!

  2. Jackie says:

    My Angel gets so silly sometimes. She’s tricky. She’ll go sit in front of her food dish looking longingly at me relaxing in my lazy girl which happens to be her favorite chaIr, I run at her beck and call and I think the poor darling is hungry. The second I hop up she comes scurrying to my chair as fast as she can. (Maybe that’s not play.)

    My girl loves to play fetch with her little play mice. She also likes to jump on me, flying off like a little missile. She slaps the telephone out of my hand. Also, when we have company, she doesn’t like to share my attention and jumps up by my face so everyone will look at her. She lays on the computer by hanging over the whole thing. Angel also gives me flirty eyes when I ask her to and also gives kisses. Angel hits me on the ankles with her little paw and then walks ahead of me with her tail high and keeps looking back to see how I’m doing. She acts like my little sentry. I do have difficulty walking in the morning and she seems concerned. She loves to roll on her back to get where she’s going. Her all time favorite fun, right now, is watching all the outside birds and squirrels. We have a huge red squirrel this year and it fascinates her. She’s really not that big on toys. I’ve tried just about all of them. I think her happiest thing is to be in my face whether I want her there or not. That girl is my precious!

    I hear you all, yes, she is a spoiled brat!

  3. Alexandra says:

    I have 10 Rags …oldest is 15 year down to 3 years…….and yes this is Ragdoll action….they talk as if to warn the other come on lets see what you got……My oldest Wolffieman is the leader and the rest rearly get in his bad side…..but than my 8 yr old and biggest 28 lbs Strykerman never ever gets in anyones space…and he never talks to anyone but me….i guess he is my man……but in general that is rags at play….

    • admin says:


      I want to see photos of your Raggies! 10!! I’d love it. I love the old guys too.

      Have you thought of submitting them for Ragdoll of the Week – you can feature each one individually if you want.

      Thanks for sharing your Raggies.


  4. Melody says:

    My past cat and my roommie’s cat used to play like Trigg and Charlie except both of them would add in a slight pause to lick a random spot clean and then continue on playing by pouncing, chasing, and wrestling. Whichever cat ended up on the bottom ended up bunny kicking the top. It was always entertaining whenever one of them would stop by licking themselves clean but in a funny position like when they sit and raise one leg to clean their bottoms. During play time, the cat that sat in that position would freeze in that position and watch the other cat before deciding to pounce again. My cat would get in the prairie dog position a lot – so cute! Love that position!

  5. Kitcaboodles says:

    My two play like this, they love to pounce on each other and ‘bunny kick’ with both of their back legs if they’ve been pinned. The thing we find most amusing is that they will chase each other at full speed, but suddenly one will stop mid chase for a quick groom. The other will politely wait, like a timeout, then they’ll both set off again at full sprint!

    My heart was in my mouth the first time they had a playfight as Mr Darcy was a big 8 month old at the time and Sookie was a tiny kitten, but she is usually the one to start it! I have a few videos of them playfighting but haven’t uploaded them to You Tube as they’re a bit blurry!

    • admin says:

      HAHAHA!! “The other will politely wait, like a timeout, then they’ll both set off again at full sprint!” – yes, Charlie and Trigg do this – especially if one of them gets a wad of hair in their mouth. I love it! Thanks for sharing.

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