Homemade Cat Treat Recipe

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Charlie's Paws
Charlie's Paws

Looking for the perfect gift for your cat loving pals? Try giving their beloved pet a special treat complete with a personalized homemade cat treat recipe. Many pet owners want to make their own food or snacks for their pets but often don’t know how to make cat treats. There are plenty of free cat treat recipes out there but your friends or family might not have the time to look for them. What a better way to show you care than providing some scrumptious home made cat treats in a decorative container, complete with recipe.

First start out by looking for a great container to hold your treats. Check thrift stores, craft stores, or garage sales. If you are always on the lookout for unique containers you can stock up and be prepared for any gift giving occasion. Make sure you clean any container out thoroughly. Wash in the hottest water that you can stand and use an antibacterial soap. If you are able, run the container through the dishwasher as well. This will kill nasty bacteria or remove unwanted residue. Let you container dry completely before you fill it with your goodies. This will prevent mildew from occurring.

While your container is drying, look for the perfect recipe. Using your favorite search engine try to find a recipe that will meet your needs. The cat might only like soft treats or the gift recipient might prefer a treat that can be frozen so that they can get longer use out of it. If you need some help looking for the right recipes you might want to look at these sites for a starting point:

After you find the perfect recipe write it down on a nice, thick piece of paper. Make sure you write the entire recipe down, leaving nothing out. Feel free to change the recipe and make it your own. Come up with a cleaver name for your treat incorporating the cat?s name if you can. Use a hole punch and a nice colored string to tie the recipe to the container. When your treats are done and cooled place them in the container and you are ready to present your gift.

With the right recipes baking cat treats is easy to do, fun to make and will be a hit at any gift giving occasion. These are perfect for Christmas, birthdays or pet adoption days.

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