Holy Tara, Baby Mew, Sammy Mouse and Prince Charles

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We have four kitties now. Moosie was a one-person cat, too (MINE), but loved Sammy Mouse and Baby Mew as if they were his babies. You know Moosie’s story… our cats are always rescues in some way.

Holy Tara was thrown out on the street by our house late one night. We heard a vehicle roar away, then heard her screaming. I ran out and she climbed right up my flannel nightgown, perched on my shoulder. She was about six weeks old. "Look what I’ve got," I said to Jay. "Can’t we keep it?" (She is strictly Jay’s now and has conveniently forgotten her humble origins.)

Holy TaraI found Baby Mew on Memorial Day weekend, 2001. I was going into the grocery store and a cute little kitten "spoke" to me. As I reached down to pet her, a lady asked if she was mine–told me she was hanging around there for days. I confirmed this story with the cashiers, rushed home for a carrier and came back for her. When I brought her in the house, Jay asked her, "Who are you?" She replied, "Mew!" (hence, her name). My intentions of placing a Found Ad in the paper evaporated over the weekend as we fell in love with her. I took her to the vet Tuesday; she was in such bad shape, he waited two weeks to start her shots and spay her. Too late it turned out she was slightly pregnant (probably why she was abandoned) and she developed pneumonia after the surgery but we saved her life. Baby Mew is the ideal cat in every way; even people who don’t like cats are charmed by her!

Moosie and Sammy MouseNewborn Sammy Mouse and his littermates were discovered by a child in a road ditch one stormy night, August, 2006. I was called to the police station because our local foster mom was out of town and I was second on the list. I wrapped the kittens in a big towel. Sammy resembled a dead mouse; he was so cold and nearly stiff. I kept him under my shirt, rubbing and warming him, until Francie arrived. He looked like my old Samson who passed away from cancer that spring. I promised the poor thing if he would please live he would be our second Sammy. Francie fed the litter with eyedroppers and bottles, saved all but one, and Sammy Mouse was my birthday gift that year 🙂

Prince Charles appeared at the nursing home, one of many homeless cats from the Prince Charles trailer park. He kept sneaking inside and the residents loved him but pets aren’t allowed there. A CNA overheard the maintenance crew saying they knew how to get rid of strays; they would poison or shoot him. She called the vet’s office… they gave her my neighbor’s number and Donna took him temporarily. Charlie checked out my place and decided he should live with us. Moosie was very jealous; he had the most heartbroken expression if I even looked at Charles, so all I did with the newcomer was feed him. (I’ve never seen a cat eat so much so fast. His weight has almost doubled.) Charles was very polite, stayed away from Moosie and tried to be invisible. Moosie, sick and weak though he was, slowly herded Charles off to the garage, calling him nasty names in cat language. I’m sure Moosie told Sammy to take over that chore when he was gone, as Sammy "dogs" Charles still.

From front to back  Moosie, Sammy Mouse and Baby MewHere you have the stories of our rescue cats. Over the years there have been many–I could write a book 🙂 I had the sweetest compliment from my friends at the vet clinic. They said if they were cats they’d definitely live with Beth 🙂

Someday I hope another Ragdoll cat who needs me will come into my life, not as a replacement for Moosie or Gizmo who looked so much alike but were so different. I hope another Ragdoll cat will touch your heart in the very special way your beloved Rags did, too. Jenny.

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Kitty’s Names: Holy Tara, Baby Mew, Sammy Mouse and Prince Charles
Name: Beth
Where: South Dakota

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